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The purpose of this project is usually to determine the result the size of a great automobile’s tire radius may have on that vehicle’s overall performance. To determine this, the distance a vehicle travels the moment tested together with the same propulsion force nevertheless different steering wheel diameter is measured. We expect that there will be the best possible size which should be utilized in so that it will achieve maximum efficiency. A bigger or small wheel size should change the distance which the car will certainly travel. The cars we will certainly test will be made of prevalent and inexpensive components.

The design of basically will include simple tire and axel setups and a button; two straightforward machines which you can use to cause forward activity. The method of propulsion intended for our autos will be spring-loaded mousetrap with a length of thread that links to the axel supporting the wheels staying tested.

Since the pitfall is set the lever pull the line and so rotate the axel triggering movement.

The size of the wheel needs to have a direct marriage with the range that the car will travel and leisure. Small tires will require more revolutions to move the same range while huge wheels will demand more torque to make these people begin to convert. The goal of the project is usually to find one of the most efficient utilization of the energy furnished by the mousetrap for equally speed and distance simply by adjusting how big is the tyre. A mousetrap car can be described as combination of two simple equipment designed to work much just like a gas-powered car. However , a mousetrap is utilized instead of an internal combustion engine for the motor. The most common design involves positioning the mousetrap around the chassis with the cars and attaching a long lever around the trap to 1 of the car’s axles simply using a length of line.

The end of the string on the mousetrap is definitely tied to the arm from the trap while the opposite end is injury around the axle. When the mousetrap is “loaded,  potential energy is definitely stored. The pulling force of the equip turns the actual energy in to kinetic strength, causing the wheels to turn and increasing the vehicle. The mousetrap will provide a limited quantity energy the fact that car are able to use as propulsion force that creates forward motion. The length of the string hooking up the lever on the pitfall to the axel will remain frequent through out the duration of the experiment. This will ensure that all the wheel sizes will receive a simlar amount of energy. The wheels will also be made of similar material so that each will have the same grip, be comparable weight, and attach to the axel in a similar fashion.

Since the radius is straight proportional towards the circumference, greater diameter will certainly obviously possess larger circumferences. This is important for the reason that circumference the business that actually splashes the track. The larger the circumference with the wheel can be as compared to the radius of the axel, the more physical advantage the wheel may have. Mechanical benefit is a trend that boosts the efficiency of a simple equipment. Engineers make an effort to design cars that make one of the most of this power when designing cars and other motor vehicles.

A circumference of five ins will travelling 25 inches in five revolutions when a area of three inches is going to travel only 15 inches with the same number of revolutions. The larger tires seem to produce more efficient make use of the revolutions provided by the springing mousetrap. However the greater diameter as well requires even more energy to make them tools meant to. The energy necessary to turn an axel is called torque. A lot more torque the motor engine (or a mousetrap) can provide, the quicker the car is going to accelerate.

Acceleration is also essential to the performance of the mousetrap car. The faster a vehicle can speed up, the more momentum it can build-up. Momentum is actually a force that keeps moving things moving in a similar general path and pressure until several outside power acts after the object. Momentum will save the energy through the mousetrap when providing drive. If the tires are too small , and the axels will have to tools meant to more instances to build up virtually any significant energy. If they are too big, they will need much more rpm, which might reduce the sum of energy accessible to turn the axel when momentum is built up.

Scrubbing also performs a major part in the performance of mousetrap-powered cars. Scrubbing between the car’s wheels and the surface it can be traveling on is beneficial towards the operation in the vehicle. This traction helps the tires to push the cars across further miles and at greater speeds. Nevertheless , friction can also occur between your axles plus the cars, which is often detrimental to performance. To battle this, lubes are used for the axels in which they are in contact with the body of the car. Also, more mass involved with the rotation of the axels will cause more friction. Therefore , heavier automobiles will be a lesser amount of successful than vehicles employing much less heavy materials because of the amount of friction and inertia, that will not permit the car to travel as far or since fast underneath the same conditions.


The style used in therapy phases from the experiment contained thin pieces of plywood intended for the body and axel supports although 3/16-inch dowel rods had been used for axels. The tires were made of three sizes of circular pieces of froth board maintained a piece of a cardboard boxes tube. A regular sized mousetrap was properly secured to the framework and a 3-inch period of copper pipe was used to lengthen the lever to provide more mechanical advantage. A two-feet duration of nylon line was properly secured to the water piping pipe as well as the rear axel.

The rims were placed on the axels with plastic cement. The many larger sizes were created to fit over the actual ones that had been attached to the axels. A single front tyre was used over the experiment Tests were ran to determine what lengths the car would travel and just how fast that they traveled a distance of 5 and foot. Each tire size was tested three times and the results were then proportioned:

|Wheel size |Distance |Speed (5 feet/ 10 feet) | |2. 25 inches wide |11 foot, four in . |1. 45sec. / installment payments on your 4sec. | |4. seventy five inches |16 feet, 14 inches |2. 1 securities and exchange commission’s. / three or more. 05 securities and exchange commission’s. | |7. 00 inches wide |18 ft, two in . |3. 6 sec. /4. 42 sec. |


Our results show two distinct characteristics. The larger tires traveled a substantial amount beyond the smaller wheel sizes. Even so the smaller wheels were capable of quicker acceleration than the larger rims. Since the wheels all had about the same sum of mass, the amount of chaffing did not maximize of decrease enough to effect the results substantially. The tyre sizes can thus be adjusted depending upon the type of race the car was involved in; length, in which the greatest wheels would be used, or perhaps speed, when the smallest tires would be applied.

Experience in the design and function of the mousetrap cars will help us to design a much more efficient vehicle. Two tiers of foam table would probably provide to trigger the tires to be more level and stable. Likewise, a longer handle would likely end up being attached to the existing lever around the mousetrap in order that more edge is obtained.


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