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Movie Review, Thirteen Days

Thirteen times, or the things i saw from it, was a fantastic movie. It demonstrated power, of the Director (John Fitzgerald Kennedy on the time), America’s powers, and worst coming from all, it demonstrated what the federal government can hide from all of us civilians. John Kennedy shown power throughout this entire movie. At any time someone else tried to walk throughout his toes and fingers, he would declare “NO KINDS MAKING THE DECISIONS BELOW EXCEPT ME! I’M THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES! ” and I actually liked that he planned to control HIS nation. This individual showed exceptional leadership skills throughout the whole movie. If he didn’t need the nation to learn about Cuba’s plan attack, the nation didn’t know. So when he decided it was moment for them to identify, he advised everyone. This individual took care of America in this movie, and situationhell I’m pleased we had Kennedy then instead of Bush, would you imagine how large of a chaos that would have been completely?

Emborrachar had missiles, nuclear missiles that belonged to Russia, inside their possession. I don’t discover why these small, not quite so developed countries always insist upon trying to begin stuff with America. First off, we’re the most developed, each of our military is the best, and we have one thing they will don’t-freedom. For what reason people would want to threat an area like this, fathoms me. I actually loved the part in the movie, when every one of the nations got met up and Spain denied any nuclear weapons at all. Plus the American dude brought in the photographs and made him look like a total loser. It was a great experience, and entertaining times were had. It frightens me how the government can easily hide such crucial info from the individuals who inhabit it’s country, and make their jobs AND SALARIES feasible. Although Kennedy and the government TOLD all of us, they should include told civilians sooner. Suppose Cuba could have decided to fun time off early on? I think it’s disrespectful to a point, if you need to hide useful, and essential information coming from people who support you, and appear up to you. What if Iran, Iraq, or Afghanistan, had “top secret” dangerous information these people were sharing with our government and hiding coming from us people? I Understand HOW COME they hid the information, to hold the country out of mayhem and in state of mind. It’s likely best they did, there may have been a rise in all the protesters, violence and flees for fear of a draft. But I would have wanted to have been completely told easily was alive in that time period. When I was a little youngster, my old man, a history tutor for a high school, had usually told me Steve Fitzgerald Kennedy was a good guy, and he was most likely the best president we had ever endured. I have constantly liked Ruben F. Kennedy, and after finding this film, I began to like him even more. He demonstrated a whole lot strength in this movie, which what it takes for any job like that, you need to be intelligent, compromising, and caring for your persons. And JFK had his thoughts in order. I would include definitely identified for this gentleman, and as I stated earlier, I’m glad we had Kennedy after that, or America might not at the moment be on the map. We have to watch this movie once again Mr. Crosthwaite. Since I actually didn’t genuinely get to see everything. That just upsets myself, it’s certainly not my fault I got strolling pneumonia M. If I were to rate this movie, the big nerd My spouse and i am would give it a 6/5. Though I really didn’t finish that, I appreciated it quite definitely.

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