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Modern age starts coming from 1900 to 1999AD. The most crucial events with this age had been the world conflict I & II. Resulting from these battles there were a lots of social, political, economic and fictional changes in this age. In literature, there is a new conditions occurred. Theater of Ridiculous is one of the fictional terms which will occurred in that century. The earth wars impact on the enjoy writers which will make them imagine new topic for theater. As a result of the second world war theatre of ludicrous comes.

The phrase Absurd means having not any rational or perhaps orderly marriage to human being life (online dictionary).

Movie theater of the Ridiculous is a new style of theatre based on mixture between dramatic elements and existential viewpoint to present the term Absurd (theater of the ludicrous? ). The term itself was drafted simply by Martin Esslin in his publication which have precisely the same name Theatre of Ludicrous published more than 40 years ago. He stated in the introduction of his book “The Theatre of the Absurd episodes the comfy certainties of spiritual or politics orthodoxy.

It aims to shock the audience away of complacency, to bring this face to face with the harsh specifics of the individual situation because these writers see it.

But the concern behind this message can be anything but certainly one of despair. It is just a challenge to take the human condition as it is, in all its mystery and absurdity, and also to bear this with pride, nobly, responsibly; precisely since there are no convenient solutions to the mysteries of existence, since ultimately person is exclusively in a worthless world. The shedding of easy solutions, of relaxing illusions, might be painful, but it really leaves behind it a sense of liberty and comfort. And that is why, within the last resort, even now, of the Ridiculous does not provoke tears of despair nevertheless the laughter of liberation (Martin Esslin quotes).

Some of the features for theatre of absurd that it is from this theater there isn’t conflict, plot, meaning, the ideas are not logical and unconnected, the discussion isn’t arbitrator. In addition to, the cinema of silly use conventionalize speech and slogans and technical terminology disorganized sometimes and contrary in other times. Woman position in this cinema is very little important as the man role. also there is no establishing or main character. The use of icons one of the attributes of this cinema.

Samuel Beckett’s play Awaiting Godot is an excellent example for using icons in cinema of ridiculous (theater of absurd? ). Samuel Beckett is one of the modern drama writers. He considered as the most famous copy writer of movie theater of ridiculous because of his play Waiting for Godot. Beckett’s plays apparently focus on the themes of the uselessness of human action, and the failing of the people to communicate. He was given birth to on The spring 13, 1906. In the 1930’s and 40’s Beckett printed many functions in the form of works, short tales, poetry, and novels, nevertheless very few people noticed his work.

His postwar time fame only came about inside the 1950’s if he published 3 novels wonderful famous perform, Waiting for Godot. Waiting for Godot is probably the most well-known absurd enjoy to date. This individual died in 1989 (theater of the ridiculous? ). Samuel Beckett required the idea of his play Expecting Godot from Portrait by the Artist Caspar David Friedrich. In this face there is two men standing beside a large tree and maintain looking to the moon. And so Waiting for Godot is a tale for two tramps men Vladimir and Estragon waiting for somebody who called Godot.

There is an intermittent conversation between the two of these characters whilst they are waiting around and uncompleted sentences. At the end of each action a young youngster comes to associated with a letter from Godo saying that he may not come today. At the end of the play Vladimir and Estragon decide to not waiting around anymore and leave nonetheless they didn’t. There is no setting in Waiting for Godot which means there isn’t particular place or period. Also just about every conflict or perhaps plot in this play, the characters will be waiting with out doing whatever also there isn’t any important occurrence which make you could have a reaction toward the heroes.

The characters speech is usually conventionalize talk and coupure and technological language disorganized sometimes and contradictory consist of times. There is also a lot of emblems in this enjoy for example the woods is the only outstanding part in the stage. Some experts said that is this tree is known as a symbol pertaining to the combination and Godo is a symbol of Christ. Although there is many things of takes on applied theater of silly but Awaiting Godot even now remains the very best. Theater of absurd build a new design in writing performs and perform writers with new ideas.


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