Movie Tsotsi Role in Society Essay

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Initially of the video Tsotsi position in society is the hoodlum. Him fantastic gang lurk around the downtown area of South Africa looking for visitors to mug.

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In this movie you can observe how his sub-culture contains a effect on him also the conflict theory by Karl Marx and Web DuBois comes to enjoy. The conflict theory declares that Discord is a a part of our progression. It in fact causes the change. The with the main character in this movie is a young man who plays the role of any gangster concealing the fact of his distressing experience at a young age group, when his abusive father killed his mother and kicked the family’s puppy. This encounter changes him and makes him more of a severe person.

Afterwards him the movie Tsotsi commits a robbery for a woman’s Mercedes-Benz this individual takes the girl out of her car and locations her then takes off while using car. What he didn’t expect was your lady had her baby in the back again seat with the car. If he realizes the baby in the backside seat from the car this individual follows a female with child home and forces her at gunpoint to give food to the child. This could sound like a very hostile action to some although why will a gangster put that gun to a woman to supply a child which is not his.

This shows a change in his thought process because now he is thinking about another existence other than his. Then he goes back towards the house the place that the baby lives with his bunch as an attempt of robbery but in certainty he is going to get the babies bag by his space. Now this individual goes back to the lady intended for the lady that he put at gunpoint to supply the child for another feeding and she knows that the baby is taken and tells him to achieve the baby again he previously took the woman’s lower limbs at least give her back her child and he listens.

Now you can see how the turmoil theory comes to play he changes coming from a hoodlum to a dad of a thieved baby at this point he’s tune in to a woman this individual hardly also knows to perform what’s right for that child’s life. This individual leaves is definitely counterculture (gang) and does the best thing realizing that he will always be going to prison for kidnapping, car theft and tried murder.

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