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School season ends, distinct plans comes our approach. Vacation in this article, gimmicks right now there, or even get together everywhere. These are generally few of the things which travel the satisfaction of students when school is over. But practical college students have better idea of spending their getaway wisely and this is to get a summer work. Special Program for the Employment of Students or better referred to as “SPES Summertime job Program is a program spearheaded simply by our ever-dynamic Governor Edgar M. Chatto. This program is yearly carried out as a help for those poor but suitable students who also wished to include a part on financial assistance on their research.

Good thing about this program is that, it is expanded to have more beneficiaries. So it is through this line that there will be more beneficiaries just for this year in contrast last year.

There were greater number of students who exam and lucky for many who passed and qualify all of the requirements and qualifications. Obtaining the guts is usually not enough to apply for this program.

You must have the eagerness to accomplish the task offered whatever it takes. As the saying moves, “Many these are known as but only few are selected,  one particular must acknowledge the challenge since not all who exam able to passed rather than all whom passed, competent. On the day from the exam, I used to be a little bit anxious and to be honest, I question if I can pass the exam because that was not the kind of exam We expected. Within the most awaited judgement day for the result, I was truly surprised when I read my name on the bulletin plank, it just means, My spouse and i passed the exam. With the help of my personal mother dear, I was in a position to comply all the requirements.

Alignment day emerged, the same day for the start of our summer job. We met several of my friends however the crowd was filled generally with new faces on that time. As we start a family, we paid attention to the short talk of each of our Governor and followed by the signing of contract. I was assigned in order to offices. It brought me personally so much joy when I was assigned in the same business office where I was assigned prior to I was transferred to the Office from the Provincial Cultivation. It was basically my second time about here in the Social Economical and Environmental Management Workplace (SEEM-Extension) and my second time being a SPES as well. Though I am certainly not new in the office, still I actually managed to act as if I are new right here. Not mainly because I want to please everyone nevertheless because I want to have equal treatment towards old and new SPES in the office. We were 7 SPES in the office caused by different Educational institutions.

As time goes by, i was able to build such wonderful relationship with each other. We were just like brothers and sisters posting whatever there were. Everything operates smoothly that guarantee all of us some remembrances to think when we portion ways. All of us do documents, encoding and lot more. But the happy moments had changed into some thing we both expected. The same circumstance happened; 3 or my personal Co-SPES will be transferred again to the OPA. The picture was extremely dramatic when ever one of my Co-SPES cried in front of all of us. I know the sensation because I actually experienced exactly the same thing. But then, your life wouldn’t end there, that they able to mix with other folks and meet new good friends. We only have to get used to it and continue our lives. That was only one of my pains in my summer season job because it is more than a discomfort to realize that whether all of us like it or perhaps not, this method will end for this season and have to live life independently with our recently met close friends.

Now, the Special Program for the Employment of Students (SPES) summer task 2012 is at a its end. We will be spending our lives component ways. Nevertheless rest assured, this wouldn’t modify everything whatever we had build. This program serves as our teaching ground for people students who aim for a job. We will be delivering all the teachings we learned in this summer time. Hope to participate in this program once again. As long as the memories stay cherished, it will surely make it better.

To Gov. Edgar M. Chatto, thank you for the great chance, it is really a huge help to us.

To my siblings in the office, thank you for all the teachings, until next time!

To my SPES friends, aspire to see you most next summer time!

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