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Being an Emergency Room nurse for 7 years and working as a traveling registered nurse in many various areas of the country features impacted my future and decision of going back to varsity. My personal job goal is usually to become a Relatives Nurse Practitioner (FNP) with specialization in the chidhood critical attention area, primarily pediatric unexpected emergency medicine. I use known seeing that a very early age that I a new gift to get working with children. My acquaintances always call me the “pediatric nurse. I feel it will take a very special type of person to work with pediatrics, and this is where my own heart can be.

I selected to become a FNP to broaden my area of expertise and to leave multiple doors open to operate different areas. I possess looked into quite a few FNP programs across the country, but I was especially looking for a plan that would allow me the flexibility with my changing work schedule and lifestyle. A couple of co-workers of mine are currently going to Walden and informed me about the school and program.

After reading the university and School of Nursing’s perspective, mission, and goals, That i knew that Walden would be befitting me. I actually strongly arranged with many aspects of what Walden stood pertaining to as an overall school.

I truly connected to Walden’s mission to provide “a different community of career experts with the opportunity to transform themselves as scholar-practitioners so that they can have an effect on positive interpersonal change (Walden University, 2013a, para. 2). I worth that Walden incorporates our background and experience to better the learning of additional students. Only being a health professional for six years, I have worked in above 17 private hospitals and think that I have gained a vast knowledge of how breastfeeding differs in multiple regions.

I relate to Walden University’s statement in the diverse community of pupils helping to provide positive change including healthcare professionals from all aspects of health-related. Furthermore, two of Walden’s College or university (2013a) outcomes that really found my interest were to “demonstrate a dedication to long term learning (para. 5), and to utilize “knowledge to positively impact¦ occupation, communities, in addition to society (para. 5). I want to continue to broaden my knowledge over the your life of my personal career. I actually also rely on using this knowledge to positively impact others in all aspects of healthcare.

Combining Social Change I agree with Walden University’s (2013a) view on social modify that “Walden supports social change throughout the development of principled, knowledgeable, and ethical scholar-practitioners, who are and will turn into civic and professional position models by simply advancing the better of society (para. 4). I plan to include social enhancements made on my career by applying my past job experiences and knowledge at school to become a better professional role model to my individuals, co-workers and community.

An example of one learning outcome intended for the Expert of Scientific research in Nursing jobs is to “exhibit ongoing dedication to professional development (Walden University, 2013b, para. 3). I are constantly learning new ways to further improve and better my knowledge and education. I recently acquired my Qualified Emergency Doctor certification and may soon be taking the Qualified Pediatric Crisis Nurse exam. I just hope that with my personal past encounters and my personal future expertise gained in Walden University or college, I will be able to become a professional advocate and role version for the future of pediatric treatment and the sufferer population thereof.

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