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Many people have their fantasy job, We also too, I have desire job. Seeing that in my childhood I want to be a engineer and want to work a engineering job. When all of the children enjoy the athletics jut like as basketball, running or perhaps other games, I actually am never join with them and I wanted to play to built property or restoration something. I used to be remembered something happened within my childhood, my dad was made the purchase new time clock to home and he say I need to be mindful.

This clock is usually rings requirements in every hours, one day my parents are going away and there are no longer people inside my home, I cannot control my mind and I was taking out the clock and than I was began to repair. Following my restored this clock is spoiled and everything the screws are cannot fix back. When my father came back period he was surprised, later having been laughed and given to myself that time clock.

He was never punished me anything at all. If the person want to be achievement in future, he must have an excellent supporter, exactly like as my dad.

In my principal school time, all the students need to take four subjects. They are really art, english, math and social technology. I was by no means got substantial mark in art and i also feel that it is extremely boring controlled by study. I had been changed my bad frame of mind because of my own art teacher he say that, if i wish to be a engineer in future, i must study fine art too. He also declare, engineer with out knowledge about art could not end up being success. After finish my own high school, I had been joined to engineering university to become my personal dream come true. In 2005 Plus finished diploma with electronic digital engineering. I think that electric is very interesting subject but it is wrong for me because of my work nature.

My first jobs is a younger engineer in construction web page, I am quiet thrilled to working. That period my friend was invited myself to join to his business. This is right now my current job, a electronic industrial engineer. I was in comparison this two jobs and today I was actually known my future and dream work. It is site coordinator. Since I like to operate on internet site and prefer to negotiate with people. As a web page coordinator he have responbility all the job in in site. He need to control manpower likewise. But I am unable to be a web page coordinator in at this moment since I terribly lack experience and qualification. I was wrong pondering in my past timeabout studying electronic. Everybody really need to think carefully before study.

Now, I was decided to examine coordination program from BCA academy to get my heaven sent dream. I believe that my desire job cause me to feel to content in work and in addition upgrade my own improvement.

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