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A very good nighttime to the respectable CEO’s and Founders, rector, dean, academics, parents, and the special guest who have arrive all from Jakarta, Mr. Riady wonderful family. First of all, I would like to thank Our god Almighty because of His elegance and true blessing on all of us, we can accumulate on this function without having any shortcoming. At this moment, allow me to present myself. I am Gilbert, and I am incredibly honored and delighted to get standing right here as a representative of this academic year’s scholarship awardees.

People. On this joyous occasion, let me first congratulate the scholars in receiving their particular scholarship for UPH Medan. Like most of you here, I was very excited in those days to receive this kind of scholarship, because of this scholarship it helps me a lot to unlock countless possibilities and my own true potential “just such as this, standing in the front all of you on your behalf awardee.

Dear my personal fellow viewers, standing right here today I would like to share a little about my own scholarship, after that what comes to your mind, at the time you hear anything of “Scholarship? “. Well I can say that in my opinion, it absolutely was something that really precious to me, because selecting to get a scholarship need a large amount of hard work and sacrifices, however I recalled that when in which will, which way. I could say that attain scholarship is one of my personal life-goal. As a former dreaming to have a scholarship since I was in senior high school, but it didn’t move smoothly until it was the day time, where I can think about my own future, about which course that I is going to take in my life soon after graduate.

So , Choice to enroll by UPH Medans and it is the very best decision I have ever made around me not only as a result of UPH Medan offers their academic quality but likewise because We awarded like a silver grant at here. My approval of being a scholar at UPH Medan has also presented me the confidence to pursue an increased education running a business Management research, within this UPH Medan made my dream of being business owner seems more attainable and I wish that we can be an inspirational entrepreneur because there is an undeniable satisfaction that comes from motivating others. I actually quoted that “To always be an achiever is great but for be an achiever who have helps others become achievers as well, is actually a whole new level of greatness. “

Above all, UPH Medan as well provides anything that their college students needs of, example just like international curriculum with brilliant standard, technological innovations, excellence features, holistic education and in addition the important thing is that UPH Medans have the highly qualified lecturers by way of a professionally around the field of study that they master in. It makes me is like this is the university that Seems seek for my entire life.

For me, education is definitely the passport to the better foreseeable future, in this case I have to prepare it cautiously, known that I’ll be something useful for me afterwards. I would certainly not be below today whether it weren’t because of UPH Medan scholarship, as well as the fullest support from my beloved parents because of these people my target of enriching my research in a school fully completed, moreover, goals are important in every area of your life. So established a goal, operate smart towards it and revel in the feeling of success when you have achieved while you make money.

Ahead of I end my speech, I would like to see you my life motto: “First say to yourself what would you like to be is to do what you should do for it, constantly appreciate and acknowledge the people around you pertaining to the things that they have done to you in any way “always be solid to face every thing and if you ever believe that you can’t proceed any further, take a break but avoid ever settle and give some time for an breather to refresh. inch

Lastly, congratulation on getting the scholarship my colleague. If only you good luck as you and me embark the voyage with UPH Medan. It has been a wonderful sense to stand here and meet every individual in this area, I wish everyone have a memorable and meaningful night time. Thank you

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