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At present, we are frequently laden with homework and tortured with examinations and assignment. We all want their university to be a paradise or even paradise where they can enjoy all their school times better devoid of anxiety. Within the contary, educational institutions today will not provide that. Therefore , an ideal school is essential for us to execute better in schools. To start with, my suitable school needs to have a 10 storey library that is filled with ebooks, magazines, newpapers, and of course, has got the latest advanced facilities just like computer, video rooms, and so on and we can easily surf the net just as much as we want around the clock.

Thus, the library should be open 24 hours a day. Besides that, we can search for our books just by basically pushing merely a button console and the computer system will show which storey blocks and shelf to find. Cool right? Secondly, the catten must be hygienic. The canteen need to provide a various food via all araound the world just like Sushi coming from japan, American food, ra-men noddles, korean mee, people from france cakes, plus more others valialities and many others. Furthermore, the evndors who sell food needs to be very well neated, tidy covering and hygenic. They must be very concerned with the pupils heath.

Furthermore, my we deal school should havea fascinating garden with lots of wonderful and sensational plants so we can feast each of our eyes greedily to our minds content after a hard day in school. Next to that, maybe a Pets region in the yard too with many diffrents varieties of pets and animals. Third, every category must be air-conditioned as malaysias climate is getting hotter and hotter everyday. This mau ensure that students arae comfortable. Advanced bathroom should also built-in ecah class so that learners wont will need walk much in order to navigate to the toilet.

Actually those toilets should have auto-flashing system. My idea school must have numerous of sports activities facilities like olympic size badminton the courtroom, swimming pool, bowling lanes, snow skiing field, etc . Other than that, there will not be a need to provide books to varsity as they are replacced with a notebook computers. Notes will probably be sent by simply teachers throughout the net to the notebooks. Not any white-board or black-board necessary by replacing a FLAT SCREEN projector to the walls. Willpower in school really should not be very tight too. We are able to bring things such as handphones to school without being fined.

Immediate action must be taken to those breaking the rules by guidance them. On the side that, I do think that teachers at university must be very tacful and caring. They will be give work with shelter once we need. They are going to strive endlessly to make sure that we pass test with soaring colours. They are going to protect all of us when we are injured. Finally, all of us will have a shorter test following each lesson so that we could cope with it without anxiety and concerns. There will no be home work. Therefore , all of us will have additional time to unwind themselves. I hope that my best school is a reality some day.

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