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Green Girl is a fantasy story written by Cyan Abad Jugo. Though it may could be seen as a story for youngsters, the story is actually not suitable for kids. Green Girl is actually a story that raises the issue of gender and social criticism. However , because Cyan Abad-Jugo is a article writer who prefers to write by using a child’s perspective, it seems like a fairy tale initially.

The story’s leading part is Milton. A child who also lived in a flat with his mom and Aunt Hilda. He got thinking about the story of a Green Young lady, a strange creature. This was told to him simply by his Aunt. He attempted to befriend the creature, but was scolded by simply his mother when he received caught speaking to a wall structure. This, nevertheless , did not stop the youngster. When his mother required a quick sleep, he escaped and likely to their garden, where he experienced the presence of a mysterious creature. Since Milton thought he was going to get eaten, he ran to a old house and concealed there.

Milton’s mother found him and helped bring him to sleep. He was punished by his mom, and so he woke up hungry. The boy found out the darkness of the secret creature. The shadow told her past to Milton and asked him to be her friend. Milton refused, as well as the shadow finally faded away.

Contemporary children stories usually have a happy ending. The reason is , their emotional vulnerability, and thirst for justice will be taken into account. Kids stories usually have a clear notion of who is great, and who may be bad. Green Girl can be not like that. Although it might appear as if the mysterious beast was the bad guy, while Milton was the great person, it is just like that because the story was told in Milton’s point of view. The story could possibly be interpreted in different ways when created in a third person’s standpoint, or even the Green Girl’s standpoint. Therefore , I think that this story is meant teens. The writer did not sugarcoat his phrases, and jut told the story.

The storyplot of the Green Girl simply by Cyan Abad-Jugo has provided me a lesson that as child’s curiosity will cause you to discovering new things that can impact you possibly in a good or bad way. Milton was a kid that was told regarding many explainable things that triggered his curiosity. With curiosity we need to have an response to our problem but sometimes taking risk to problem our curiosity is very freighting and harmful. That is eventually happened in the story his curiosity overtook him and it led him to hassle. The story lets us know that we need to obey each of our parents since they know what’s best for us and what’s best for us and need to know the limitations anytime because it is for our own good.

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