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The Olson and Roberts book, My Lai is located upon the March 18, 1968, invasion on My Lai. By evaluating the material, an explanation of why this massacre occurred can be drawn. The key factors that may lead to the My own Lai invasion were difficulty engaging together with the enemy plus the problem of distinguishing between your enemy military and civilians, which equally led to trend and aggravation among military and a misinterpretation in the mission.

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On March 17, 1968, a mission was handed to the Charlie company to go into the town of My personal Lia or perhaps Pinktown, and engage in battle with the foe. The area was said to be heavily populated with Vietcong, the North Thai Army and Vietcong sympathizers (Olson, T’Souvas, CID Assertion, p. 68). On March 18, 1968, the Charlie company attended My Lia to seek and destroy the Vietcong’s 48th Local Push Battalion. The mission converted into a great massacre of safe civilians. Older guys, women and children were obtained together in groups and then executed. Anything that moved was killed. Pfc. Charles Gruver, a soldier at My Strophe said to Ronald Ridenhour, “We went inside and wiped out everybody.  After the bataille the military was planning to cover the incident about keep it through the public. For the report intended for the struggle of My personal Lai it had been listed

that 128 enemies wiped out but just three weaponry recovered (Olson, p. 23). It was noticeable to what acquired actually took place.

The difficulty participating with the enemy was a component leading up to the massacre. The Vietcong as well as the North Japanese Army were highly skilled in hit-and-run partida tactics. The Vietcong manufactured extensive make use of land mines and boobytraps. Women, kids and older guys helped the Vietcong to set up and place these kinds of defensive weaponry. (Olson, g. 47, 48) While aiming to locate the Vietcong in search and destroy missions many American soldiers had been killed or perhaps wounded simply by mines boobytraps or shooters. William Calley testified that the sight of men wiped out in a terrain mine during an operation brought out feelings of hate and fear for the Vietnamese (Olson, Calley, l. 52). As the American troops were being wounded or slain the enemy was rarely to be seen or perhaps shot for. The soldiers were disappointed that their very own friends ended uphad been killed by enemy, nonetheless they could not locate the opponent to eliminate them. This lead American soldiers in to My Strophe with the attitude to seek payback for past casualties and that nothing might stop these people (Olson, Roberts, Peers Survey, p. 54).

3Distinguishing involving the enemy military and people was one other factor of why this kind of massacre took place. The problem of not knowing who the opponent was likewise led to dread and stress within the American soldiers. The enemy was not dressed in standard so these people were not quickly detected. Several civilians had been helping the Vietcong and the North Japanese Army. Several would be people by day and shooters at night. Also children might coddle up to jeeps and drop hand grenades inside the jeep (Olson, Roberts, Peers Report, g. 54). The soldiers had been becoming very frustrated because they were doing not find out who being friends with.

The misinterpretation of the quest by the captains and the soldiers also generated the My Lai massacre. To start off with, the plan was based upon a faulty supposition concerning the strength and temperament of the foe and the absence of noncombatants inside the operational place (Olson, p58). The community was supposed to be clear of all civilians, and those who remained were the enemy or sympathizers from the enemy. Your initial orders given by Colonel Barker were to neutralize the town of My own Lia and destroy enemy resources, just like buildings, hootches, tunnels and livestock (Olson, Kotouc, Peers Report, p. 59). Once Captain Medina called the Charlie Firm together to describe the mission, the

4 soldiers walked apart with different understanding of the objective. Gregory Olsen said these were instructed to kill any kind of military grow older male operating from them or perhaps shooting at them (Olson, G. Olsen, CID, g. 64). An additional soldier spoken that Medina ordered these to kill almost everything in the community because it was completely enemy controlled (Olson, Stanley, CID, p. 65). During schooling the soldiers were trained from the first day to abide by orders rather than ask questions (Olson, Peers Record, p. 11). It is very clear that the troops were informed that civilians were cleared of the small town as many from the soldiers explained that within their testimony. A lot of soldiers acquired the impression to destroy everything while others got the impression never to kill ladies and children (Olson, Maples, FIN, p. 70).

To summarize the lack of involvement with the opponent, difficulty determining the foe, rage and frustration among American military and the misinterpretation of the mission all resulted in the My personal Lai bataille. The quest was based on lack of cleverness information about the guests of the opponent within the part of My Strophe. I feel that the incident is excusable as a result of circumstances. The soldiers implemented orders given on the fact that was said to be the enemy. Because of the many elements that lead to the My Strophe massacre, no action really should have been made around the select few.


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