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Twelve years ago upon March twenty one, 2001, a thirty-two yr old, dark skin, youthful, upbeat Haitian men and his 3 children exited an American Flight companies flight for Fort Lauderdale International airport. He walked out from the airlines keeping the thoughts of unlimited opportunities in the “Great Nation” he had moved to. What he searched for was the American Dream- the dream to turn into rich also to live a comfortable lifestyle inside the U. H while sending money back to his partner in Haiti. The desires of unlimited opportunities lead him to quit his work as a police chief in the small Haitian town of Port-de-Paix, leaving his wife and family members behind.

Uprooting his 9 and four yr old daughters along with his two year old kid to move coming from all of which they knew, for the foreign city of Miami, Sarasota. Only to wrap up losing view of his Dreams, this individual struggled functioning multiple deceased end careers at a time moving from property to house, searching for help from the other family members, and going in and out of college but hardly ever finishing. Pertaining to him the American Fantasy was a regular struggle. Ironically, he when said to me personally “I fought more right here than I did so living in Haiti. At the time I think it was laughable, Haiti a developing region with more than half the population surviving in poverty in comparison to the U. T, well actually there was not any comparison in my mind.

I realized as a great immigrant with three kids he had to start out all over from the beginning. Being a law enforcement chief and a College Graduate student in Haiti meant absolutely nothing. His level was worthless in the U. S. I actually recall him once saying to me “Pa fe menm jan ak og ve mwen”- converted into English language means “Don’t be like me” in our local language (Haitian Creole). Developing up I never really recognized those words until Feb . of my personal freshman 12 months in secondary school.

The first time I had developed cause my personal father’s fail. I became a member of the college prep program IB (International Baccalaureate) and my personal grades began to go down the drain. They will sent a notice to my house, stating my GRADE POINT AVERAGE of a 2 . 3 at the moment and the opportunity that I could possibly be removed from the program. His fail caused me to step-up and function harder at school to gain better grades, I desired to be the girl that he could brag to all of our family members about. He came up here with me at night so I could easily get a good education, so I could be a doctor, lawyer, or an engineer, not to be a failure.

The thing that was the point of his struggles if he or his children don’t become successful in the us? My Dad is the most influential person in my life, this individual encourages me personally to do and stay more in every area of your life. To not have to struggle how he did. He arrived at the United States to offer me and my two different siblings anything we could not get in Haiti “endless possibilities”. And as all of us grow older it can be our decision whether all of us will take the chance that this individual has offered us. My American Wish is to end my dad’s struggles, to exhibit him that all the sacrifices he made were not done in vain.

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