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If you were the one 7th of the world’s population that watched previous year’s Gangnam Style MV by Psy, then you have experienced precisely known in the current terms as K-Pop. BUT…BUT…Gangnam Style CAN BE NOT THE SOLE K-Pop to choose from! K-Pop tunes often vary from decent, addictive, pretty unhappy, awkward and ones which you have to dance to. In person, I turned to K-Pop since the majority of English music nowadays will be overly filled up with profanity and perverted styles, (i. at the. Miley Cyrus, Nicki Minaj… cough cough). How is that music anymore?

Another reason I love K-Pop is usually that the artists can in fact sing or just without extremely obvious auto-tuning and inorganic noises. They will even move to their personal original choreography AND sing at the same time! It helps to practice along with these music videos to boost on the boogie unit in P. Elizabeth. The only bad thing is that virtually all Korean language artists have on large amounts of makeup, although otherwise the songs great. Time to time, Korean bands form teams with American artists more regularly than you want to sing feats!

You might have heard lots of people, whether at school or in public places, talking about Exo-K or Exo-M, some sort of Wolf or screaming abruptly and chattering in a phenomenon about they’re favorite groups. Well, what they’re referring to is most likely going to be K-Pop. Exo is actually a boy band that came exterior in 2011, including 12 people and have grown significantly in the music charts. They have six members who also act as their particular Chinese alternatives and sing the same music. Girls just go crazy for them if you just mention all of them. The most recent comeback by Exo is “Wolf” and “Growl” and their Wolf hoodie offered mainly in Korea can be popular among their fans worldwide. K-Pop songs are a great way to learn basic Korean key phrases and you can usually ask your pals who happen to be proficient in the language on exactly what a certain key phrase means.

The good thing about this kind of genre is the fact you can just go up to a person under the assumption that they like K-pop and best odds are, they’ll know who you’re talking about. SHAZBAM! Instant interconnection and sure to pleasure your naughty time. For The english language songs, a lot of people just claim: “Who’s that? “, “Don’t know/like them” or “I like Dubstep”, making the conversation socially awkward in many ways.

K-Pop concerts happen to be pretty hard to come by here in Vancouver and the first one was in Stanley Park upon September fourteenth, 2013. So my friends and i also were pretty excited whenever we found out we’re able to attend. Big crows show up from border cities just like Seattle and Calgary. Be sure to go of another one pops up!

7 Tunes to start with to see if this genre is for you:

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