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My history is something which I am immensely proud of. The beginnings of my heritage started out along the Andean region of South America. The depth of my lifestyle is displayed through Ecuador’s musical and gastronomical root base. My family purely follows a strong religious history which has inspired my life significantly. Besides social gastronomy and religion, the celebration of holidays is essential to my family as well. Therefore , there are many different elements that my own heritage is composed of. One component to my heritage, that I particularly enjoy, may be the music and cuisine which will pertains to my personal culture.

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Ecuador has a wide array of music starting from Incan tribal music to current traditional Ecuadorian music. Every time a track is performed, it explains to a different history, allowing the listener to visualize and your rhythm quality. Among the many dishes Ecuador can give, a few specifically have been set up as my favorites; one of them is named “Locro, the industry thick soups made from taters, cheese, and meat.

Locro is often served which has a light greens, topped off with cilantro and avocado.

The aroma emanating from this culinary mixture sends my mind into a express of sanguine tranquility. Therefore , the mixture of these two will make any celebration a moment to have. In addition to the music and the foodstuff, religion takes on an important part in my history as well. Catholicism is the prominent religion in Ecuador, as well as the religion which I was raised. The Roman based faith has a high influence between my people. I remember at my childhood how important it was to go through my faith based sacraments. As being a Catholic, gonna church with my family just about every Sunday was a never broken tradition. Even though I are respectful of most religions, my personal religion provides played an essential role and has allowed me personally to blossom. Among the many traditions that are applied within the Catholic religion, we show a substantial amount of respect to Catholic getaways. Holidays are a very important ceremonial event which is glorified among my family. Annually, my family collects together to get a much recognized event, the birth of Christ.

To some, this time is known to always be filled with folktales about a gift idea giving Santa Clause hidden in the North Pole. In my family, all of us aretaught coming from childhood regarding the child of God, Jesus Christ, as well as the many miracles and sacrifices he had to endure for people. Another part of this tradition was attending midnight mass to show admiration for the birth of baby Jesus. This religion as well as holiday are not only pertinent for the country of my source but the large a part of what I consider to be my heritage today. In conclusion, my personal heritage can be drawn from different factors all of which depend on the types of impacts that are present in a person’s lifestyle. The regions of my heritage which I consider important range from the gastronomical and musical root base of Republic of ecuador, Catholicism, and lastly the party of an significant religious holiday. These combos have had a substantially large influence upon what I consider my traditions today.


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