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It was an unhappy rainy working day in the middle of the summer and I was excited. I was going to Pakistan with my loved ones. Everyone was on the point of go to the air-port.

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Clothes traveling by air out of suitcases. Everyone kept on bumping into each other again, repeatedly. The truck’s cab was choosing ages to come and i also thought all of us will never get there there punctually but at some point it came. We set everything inside the cab and I checked one particular last time to see if I have everything. All of us arrived at the airport with not a day to spare.

We ran to the countertop and inspected in. Even as we were boarding the plane we got the airline flight information. For the plane that seemed like weeks and weeks but it just took us 8 hours to arrive there.

All my as well as cousins were waiting there patiently for us to come out. After coming in the plain each one is luggage acquired missed located so there were to look for it but finally the luggage was found and returned to us. It starting as being a good day time but slowly but surely it was obtaining worse and worse. As we good out the airport in Pakistan it absolutely was a hot sizzling day time.

I was so excited to check in with my cousins. We haven’t seen them in 2-3 years. They were every taller than me thus i felt genuinely short as an ant. Finally we got house I was too tired to so I fell asleep.

The next morning I woke up and that we went to the theme park then we traveled to the mosque. We went to the mountains had been my dad was raised. After being there to get 4 weeks I used to be sad and didn’t think that coming to back to London. Even as got to the airport I actually forgot to get my passport so we had to go back and get it. I actually only got half an hour to get it.

The great thing was We only existed 10 minutes aside but if there were traffic I actually wouldn’t help to make it therefore me and my relation ran for the car and went thankfully there was zero traffic and so we achieved it on time and I was thus relieved that we made it. We have back to London, uk all gloomy and miserable. After a few days I did start to get over the simple fact we are not in Pakistan and next time I had to return to school which cheered myself up because I haven’t seen my buddies for ages.

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