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The narrative study area is aimed at engaging with all the system that helps people to make sense of activities and meaning in the better social context and the cultural patterns in it (Golsteijn Wright, 2013). Collaborating with the research subject is one of the features of narrative research studies. The niche in studies viewed as a collaborator in contrast to being a company of information, because led by the researchers goal, under this method (Moen, 2006).

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Accounts of experience beneath narrative research are guided by debate in dialogue with the subject of the analysis. Various data collection strategies are available towards the researcher. This kind of data will take various forms, including diary records, transcripts, observations, page writing, school plans, stories, pictures, and the like (Moen, 2006).

Explorative research assignments can gain from narrative exploration because they will aim at delving into the activities and the means of making that means of people from diverse skills. The methods are made use of across an extensive span in the social sciences field. They may be used in education, crime, well being among others. They are also the main resource when executing ethnographic-based study in all areas. Narrative info has been intended for long to decipher the needs of users in HCI analysis fraternity (Golsteijn Wright, 2013).

1 . Identify 2 problems or difficulties you might face when using this design.

There is an impending limitation with regard to narrative study approach. Only a few people may express their particular experiences and lives in terms. Some people/subjects may still be of use but once you require the story technique, you might lose out. When we did not face this sort of a challenge throughout our exploration, some people might not exactly have the ability to provide all their experiences in story kind, even with prompts at hand. These kinds of a situation may put a participant underneath undue tension; frustrate the researcher and waste time intended for the worried parties. It is important to bear in mind the possibility of encountering such subjects and situations, and also to prepare for a backup technique to allow the research process to proceed with no emotive disruptions. It is advantageous to have a back up schedule intended for interviews consisting structured concerns for those with no knack pertaining to narrative accounts (Golsteijn Wright, 2013).

The other characteristic is that narrative analysis comes with a array of ethical factors that are exclusive; apart from the types that are linked with qualitative study; anonymity especially, as a custom, because of the sum of personal and contextual detail. The manner in which the words with the participants in research and the

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