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The next scene we come across is in the shop where we see and notice the dialogue between Billy and the shopkeeper. Its continue to quite darker in the shop with only sun light, which displays us it turned out not shot in a studio. The camera zooms in on Billys grubby face, which shows us he hasnt had a wash and can also view the disgusting state of his clothes. These kinds of graphic depth cannot be noticed when reading the new but when observing the film we can see extra details inside the scenes.

The moment listening to the criticism Billy gets off of the shopkeeper we all feel saddened because we get the impression he is evaluated by his standard of living and never by his personality. After the scene in the shop we see Billy start his paper round framed by buildings encircling him, we get the feel we are actually generally there with him. After Billys meeting with the milkman we see him take a moment in a discipline looking after a stock, which again is a reference to the working school background. These types of opening views seen visually are much more realistic than in the story, it also makes us feel more sympathetic to Billy.

It is because there are many even more mediums employed such as light, sound and camera shots, that may show us items in a variety of other ways. E. g. Point of view shots which how us what that particular personality is looking in or considering at the time. Or perhaps it can show us the picture from one third person perspective, which is the way the novel is definitely written. The other scene I have chosen is a P. E. lesson, that we feel, genuinely depicts the deplorable attitude that the educator has toward Billy.

The scene unwraps with a great image of Billy He wandered into the changing rooms because clean and perfect as a son down breakfast every day on his coastline holidays. Can make the reader question whether things are going to pick-up for Billy at last. This kind of image can be shattered while using arrival from the pristinely dressed Mr Sugden, the S. E. educator. As soon as he sees Billy he begins to pick upon him because of not having his kit Casper you make me SICK., he obviously is without sympathy to get the familys lack of look after Billy besides making him wear a pair of trousers that are simply too large intended for him.

Therefore from the beginning the reader is looking Billy to escape the difficulty of this bully. It is not to be, the lovato gets even worse as the football match gets underway as well as worse following the lesson when ever Billy attempts to escape the shower. Someone cannot support but feel sickened by Mr Sugdens treatment of Billy, trapped in a cold showering just because this individual let in the winning goal. Hines possibly describes the other boys perceptions as being uneasy about the situation, that makes the reader think even more anxious about it. The language in this section is once again very descriptive.

We can nearly visualise Mr Sugdens clothing and Billy trying around the large short circuits they are referred to so evidently. The image of Billy when he steps out for the lessons The cool caught Billys breath This individual stopped dead, glanced around as though aiming to escape pieces the mood for whole match. The dialogue is incredibly short and the point, as with the initial scene, and helps create the tension between the educator and the kids, especially Billy. Mr Sugden does not speak kindly to Billy once preferring to address him with insults and sarcasm Naturally I fault you lad!

Who do you expect me to blame?. The teacher considers he is the only important person in the lessons and Hines has successfully created this kind of image with techniques including using conference to inform you what portion he is playing at a particular moment in the match: Sugden (commentator) And both teams are aligned for the kick off in this vital fifth-round cup-tie, Gatwick United vs? Sugden (teacher): Who will be we playing, Tibbut? This is certainly almost like a play screenplay. Mr Sugden is obviously the central persona and the boys are small ones.

These flat characters help the field because the target audience is able to produce a comparison between the teachers frame of mind towards these people as opposed to Billy. Although Mister Sugden does not treat these people particularly well he would not punish them to the same degree as he really does Billy. At the start of the picture in the film we hear the Sports report music as we see the correctly attired Mr Sugden warming up pertaining to the lessons. In contrast the next view features the faded changing rooms and the boys getting ready to get the lessons. When Mister Sugden occurs he agents Billy and using a great over-shoulder taken he inquiries him about not having any kind of kit.

In that case with a low angle shot see all of us the young boys crowding in watch Billy be humiliated into within the pair of trousers that were way too big pertaining to him. Seeing this component on the film was a lot better than reading about this because you might really observe how Billy had been victimised as well as the humiliation he had to go through before the rest of the school by wearing the ridiculously large shorts. When the class happen to be outside they each lined up ready to be picked into teams. Gradually the queue shortened giving the undesirable ones who couldnt enjoy football, Billy included, it is a pathetic sight.

Once all of the teams were picked they got willing to start the sport. We then see Billy standing in the goals, which will seemed to emphasise his lack of stature, he could be dwarfed by the goals. This individual looks isolated from the rest of the team, which in turn again displays us how unimportant he is to all others, no one really cares about him at all. Throughout the match there are many occasions in which we see My own Sugden choose on Billy for not playing as well as he wants him to. In a single incident Billy lets within a goal which in turn angers Mr Sugden into throwing the ball hard at Billy, making him fall in the mud.

This kind of again makes him seem defenceless to Mr Sugden and his bullying and we truly feel pity for Billy. Down the road in the match we see Billy hanging from the goals, entirely disinterested amongst people. When Sugden sees him he produces his whistle and the camera follows him as he marches and shouts up the presentation towards Billy. Throughout the landscape the camera frequently focuses on the number eight on Sugdens shirt, it is used to show how important this individual thinks he can and how insignificant Billy and the rest of the category are.

This kind of scene surface finishes with the barbaric Mr Sugden forcing Billy to take a shower and Billys weak attempts to stop one. We see Sugden pitfall him inside the shower and turn the water to cold. We see Billy suffering and notice the sadistic voice of Sugden when he admonishes him for permitting in the target. However there is a note of triumph by the end of the landscape when we observe Billy clamber over the cubicle wall plus the camera dies out out when he finds a towel. This is a gratifying end because the viewers feels that he has gained just a little recognition.

This kind of differs through the novel in which he has to drip-dry. In conclusion That stuff seriously the film creates more sympathy within me compared to the novel will. This is because the visual photos of the scene are more comprehensive. Characters expression are more brilliant, lighting and music increase the mood in the scene and various camera shots depict more acutely the important areas of the scenes. Whereas in the novel the description and dialogue ensure that the reader increase a sense of sympathy towards Billy, the images, for me personally, are not while powerful neither as very clear.

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