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“Neat People versus Sloppy People”, by Suzanne Britt compares the day-to-day lifestyle and behaviors of “sloppy” persons to notorious “neat” people. Britt’s point of view leans for the sloppy person, causing someone to conclude that the author is most likely sloppy in her individual life. The meanings of the adjectives “neat” and “sloppy” seem to be flipped around when defined and exemplified. An individual reading this document is either heading to be bothered by the context or is going to agree with the view of the messy aspect.

The author’s hope is probably for others to appreciate the morals and intentions of the two different types of people.

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Purpose of Suzanne Britt Dissertation

The author of this essay, Suzanne Britt is a poet, essayist, and teacher. Her essay “Neat People versus Sloppy People” is from one of her ebooks “Show and Tell”. The idea of her essay is to highlight right after of neat people and bad people by changing the meaning and purposes around this topic.

The develop of her composition is humorous, but straightforward. The lady is able to make jokes regarding both sides, although being manly in her that means of these two styles of life. Through contrasting the two types of people in this essay, Britt is able to convey her purpose of recognizing cool people as “lazier and meaner than bad people”(para.  1). She also claims that “sloppy people live in Never-Never Land” because they never receive anything carried out, since they rely on “someday” to get their job accomplished (para.  3). By looking at these two contrasting standards of living, it is seems that she mementos the bad side of life. Even though the girl talks about the sloppy existence as putting things off and collecting mess, she acknowledges it as a good factor. It is as though the lady switches the meanings of the two qualities to make careless positive and neat negative, showing the writer has a preference. This peculiar exchange of the two types of traits makes this article interesting since most will associate staying sloppy as a negative.

Showing Nice as Adverse and Sloppy as Confident

When studying these two characteristics it is seems that the characteristics that might normally describe a neat person describes a sloppy person. Once stating, “neat people are bums and clods at heart”, mcdougal uses derogative words to describe the person (para.  6). The definition of “neat” usually means that organized and put together, which usually is what the lady means by the term “sloppy”. Sloppy folks are stated to “give loving focus to every depth. When bad people declare they’re heading to tackle the surface of the desk, they seriously mean it. ” Britt the actual neat persons seem irritating and uncaring, while the careless people seem to be determined and nurturing. As stated previously, the definition of “someday” is used repetitively in the second passage to describe if the goals of a sloppy person will certainly be made. It is evident that sloppy people under no circumstances get whatever accomplished in their lives, since they are held back by the word “someday”. However , the writer seems to think someday is not always a bad thing. Britt states “sloppy people can’t bear to part with anything”, which makes the feeling of possible hoarding problems by sloppy people. They will never find out when they just might need some thing and it would be a waste to have to rebuy something which they had recently. So , I guess she feels that they are cash conscious and not not economical people. Cool people get rid of things also quick and will be uneconomical in the long run.


This composition “Neat Persons vs . Sloppy People” evaluates two reverse lifestyles. By switching their meanings around, Britt is able to show just how distinct these two lifestyles are. She seems to imply that sloppy people are nurturing and will get to things completed when needed. They are really laid back and want to enjoy life by not worrying about keeping everything perfect. Sloppy persons do not get caught up in the time to day hurry of life and revel in what they do. Neat people are not relaxed and worry about what others think an excessive amount of. The author appears to feel that there is more to life than being spick-and-span. One can insinuate based on how she details both nice and bad that Britt favors the messy side. The purpose of her essay is to convey how different each lifestyle is and that they can’t be one without the other. She uses humor almost in a satirical approach in order to get her way while being completely forwards with the visitor in her emotions towards both equally sides. By incorporating diverse techniques through her essay, Britt is able to portray her thoughts and feelings on the subject of neat verses bad people. Following reading her article, a neat person might consider calming a bit and recognize that generally there just might be more to life than being pristine.


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