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Excerpt by Case Study:


Controlling conflict is an important skill which should be mastered for those in leadership positions to become successful. In the world of product sales, ensuring delivery of top quality product is very important for maintaining competitive advantage within an market. My firm of choice to examine conflict talks is a development materials distributor company. This company sells tools, steel, fasteners and hardware to smaller retailers. With this incident, a delivery of tools has been delayed due to logistical issues by the company to the customer. The client has been a faithful for many years and share the company almost all of its business. A assure by the sales representative was broken due to transportation troubles stemming from the weather. Consequently, the merchant lost a sale valued for approximately $12, 000. The customer is trying to recoup this kind of loss by demanding a refund and also other compensations.

The distribution business broke a promise to this customer and, in my opinion, needs to be held responsible for a few compensation to this customer. My spouse and i support the customer in fully refunding the sales purchase, and was open to the thought of further reimbursement and other method of repayment intended for lost time and work.


Realizing the mistake, management at the distribution business decided to produce a sales call for this customer immediately following his grievance. At this point the negotiation was started. Just before negotiations began however , certain preparations had been taken in order to figure out the particular best solution towards the problems that could actually apply in this situation. The sales representative looked at the history with the customer as it was important to realize just how much business he previously given us historically. This is what was at risk in terms of shedding this consumer by not appealing to his demands. Let alone, bad expression as well as great word spreads fast within just any industry and keeping customers completely happy scenes this individual a primary responsibility for those desperate to be successful in keeping product sales relationships.

The consumer, realizing the losing of profit from an error that could not really effectively recently been treated simply by anyone aside from nature itself, was clearly frustrated at the situation. Thoughts often dictate any discord and it’s important to keep thoughts in control and use them to your advantage and not but let them trick the

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