never trust a man who have wears sunglasses at

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Vlad was dressed in his usual clothing of black denim jeans,? dark silk

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tee shirt and glasses even though it was 12: 00 am, very well after dark. He previously

one thought on his head, make the meeting on time. When he walked, this individual

recalled conditions leading up to his midnight move. He had recently been

contacted in the usual method. When he woke up that morning, he had viewed a

yellow-colored chalk indicate across the street on an adjoining building. It would seem

someone got need of his particular services. This individual certainly expected so mainly because

money was tight at the moment. The yellow mark meant that he had a

potential customer and should meet him/her in Central Park for 2: 00 am. He

was already moving two hours earlyalways arrive at the meeting first.

Regularly be sure the area is safe. Continually be sure its a customer youre

meeting and not the police. He made his way towards the conference place

halting only twice. Once, to kick a stray cat he observed walking looking at

him. When, to grab a bottle of Jack Daniels through the hands of the wino

require a few swallows and throw the bottle aside. He finished his preliminary

search of Central Recreation area and found practically nothing unusual. this individual completed his second

search of the area, again finding nothing unusual. Now the

waiting started. Vlad was experienced in waiting, 1 had to be with this

profession. accurately a black car comes into the recreation area. Punctual, Vlad

thought, a great sign. Vlad watched while two males emerged in the front couch.

Both men had significant bulges underneath their biceps and triceps. High caliber handguns Vlad

thought, very nice, incredibly efficient, extremely professional. Both the man walked

to the side with the car, one surveying the area, the other slowly exposed the

rear passenger door. A high man in an expensive match, Brooks Brothers, if

Vlad wasnt wrong, and Vlad rarely was. The man appeared calm when he

began his wait. At 2: 15 Vlad appeared from his hiding location to greet his

visitors. Nobody heard him approach. When he appeared the two men come to

for their weaponry, Vlad was faster. By the time the two guys hands were

just reaching into their jackets, Vlad experienced already attracted, and was aiming

his own menear at these people. Laughing, Vlad said seriously boys, no need for

those. Dealing with the man in the well dressed suit, this individual said, why dont

you ask your friends to adopt a walk? The very well dressed man smiled, waved his

hands, dismissing his bodyguards and said, someone said you had been the best!

Vlad replied that is what Im or her paid for. Oh yes talking about being paid out

the man reached into his pocket pertaining to something, Vlad could hardly restrain

him self from coming the man apart, but he thought that would be bad for


The well dressed mans hands emerged from his coat holding a fat

white, unmarked envelope. He tossed the envelope. Vlad caught it deftly

in one hand, still keeping his gun educated on the man in front of him. Vlad

exposed the envelope and saw two large bundles of hundred buck bills.

Also included, was a discard of paper with a identity scribbled onto it. The man

was watching Vlad intently, because Vlad seemed to ponder anything. After a

couple of seconds pause, Vlad said We accept. Upon hearing the two of these words the

well dressed up man re? entered his car, continued to wait for his bodyguards to rejoin

him and remaining. Vlad went back to his building, waited for the elevator and

went about his house. Now that he previously landed a job he had plans

to begin. After unlocking his door, this individual replacing the thin bit of hair this individual

kept on the doorway to know in case the door was disturbed, this individual went to his

bedroom. Vlad looked at his watch, half a dozen hours till show time. He pried a

loose floor table up coming from under his bed, disclosing a battered looking

bag. Vlad became predominant of the briefcase, lifted it of the floor and

changed the plank. After starting the case, this individual methodically checked out and

cleansed the material. Once having been satisfied that most was in order, he

repacked the case. Up coming, he traveled to his storage room. He chosen a very

regular looking dark blazer, coordinating pants, and naturally, his trademark

sunglasses. Vlad smiled because the old pensée All decked out and no place to

get flashed through his brain. Oh well, he exclaimed no where to go, yet

only for the next five hours. Vlad in that case fell asleep. Precisely two hours

later on, Vlad awakened, tidied himself up, laundered his encounter, dressed and left

his apartment. Three hours to look. Vlad acclaimed a pickup’s cab and asked to be

lowered at the ESTE building. Upon his appearance, he identified a roof from

which he can see the front lawn with the building, yet couldnt be viewed

himself. Vlad re? exposed his bag and set up its items. After

sitting this way for about three hours ( this seemed like more, but time

moves gradually even for a professional of his quality and reliability ) he spotted his quarry

nearing. Five minutes after a car glided up to the front yard in front

in the building. A male Vlad recognized from the media, emerged from the

car. Vlad took aim.. BANG!! A loud surge, a broken of reddish on a

white-colored shirt, quiet, then a stir of actions. People scattered about as

everyone with the scene responded to the fatality of the Soviet Ambassador. The

world would be plunged into chaos with this act of terrorism. Vlad surveyed

the scene, smiled, left his sunglasses upon the ledge and created one more

step on the stalk of his sniper rifle. Vlad then came back home to enjoy

his new found wealth.

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