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When Europeans settled in the “New Land”, they had hard time adapting living with the Indians.

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However , the Indians dreaded what Europeans brought including weapons. There was clearly a huge big difference between the tribes’ weaponry plus the European because of the powerful improvements with the most progressive guns. The flintlock rifle was obviously a new weapon that the Indians had were able to use, which usually proved to be “too heavy, cumbersome, and erroneous to be useful in the kind of battle characteristic of Anglo-Indian struggles” (Brinkley 50).

Later on that they wanted the Europeans to behave as “fathers” to help them within their disputes and conflicts (Brinkley 60). Slowly, Europeans learned to fulfill some of their expectations. The Indians didn’t understand the that means of the human relationships between societies, furthermore Europeans “thought a lot more in terms of wedding ceremony and kinship” (Brinkley 60). The Indians were quite satisfied to form closer human relationships and carrying out marriage ceremonies. After 1776, the total amount of electricity between Europeans and Local people Americans loose because of the occurrence of English and American (Brinkley 61).

It began to weaken the strength of their marriage because it was difficult pertaining to the more recent settlers to give gifts to them plus the mediations (Brinkley 61). The “middle grounds” were damaged replacing different constructed structures by the Europeans. It produced other clashes that led to once again challenging to adapt. That seemed that both Natives and early Euro-Americans had a love-hate romantic relationship that made their relationship so hard to ascertain peace and conformity.

At the beginning the people were afraid of the advances Europeans had with the weapons, but they had the opportunity to be taught by these people on how to make use of the weapons. By the time Europeans had been trying to gain trust to them, Indians were inside the need to be safeguarded and to type new interactions. Thus far, that they both ended up being having problems one more time mainly because Europeans had been ambition to buy more land in Tribal territory.

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