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Nirvana Art Gallery Nirvana Art Gallery Case study research Case study evaluation 1 . Business summary- This case study is all about the different circumstances Mr fly fishing rod faces by his place of work. The urge to adopt experience he went for part-time job along with his ongoing PhD work. The work area of his interest was being a curator while as a result of less job he was made to work in one other department which has been not of his interest and he faces lot many problems over right now there. He even used to stay late to complete the assigned job and the fellow workers were also not supportive. The key problem was the lack of fascination of Mr.

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Rod intended for working in researchs department which was further enhanced up simply by Miss Nelly’s interference who had been the research supervisor. The only remedy for his problem is to with Miss Nelly and ask for her to undo the changes made in his work schedule or else he should try to create affinity for research department as well as it is the only choice he is left with.. Situation Analysis- Introduction- this case emphasises for the disinterest of Mr. Fly fishing rod to operate research office.

But in revenge of showing it he decided to use full efforts. One of the difficulty was the malicious behaviour with the members on this department. The over sympathy of Miss Nelly was also creating discomfort to get Mr. Fly fishing rod accompanied by mocking expressions of his fellow workers.

The rearrangement of doing work schedule additional enhanced the difficulties of Mister. Rod which usually resulted through the refusal of Nelly’s proposal to help her in her work. But nevertheless he manages his function and become effective in creating balance among both the functions. Objectives- the primary objective of Mr.

Fishing rod behind employed in Nirvana Memorial was to take experience of like a curator which will help him at a later date and also adds to his job history. But unwillingly he was designed to work in analysis department because of less work in his specialized niche. Decision Making- Miss Nelly’s extra matter and sympathy for Mister. Rod started to be a problem pertaining to him.

Plus the rearrangement of his work schedule was likewise its effect which enhanced the problems even more. Implementation- Mister. Rod shows a great desire for working with NAG. In both the departments he tried to offer his best. But additional troubled simply by rescheduling of his week’s work set up.

He can get over this problem simply by completely interesting himself in the work designated to him so that he will not experience boredom in working for exploration department. Or if he feels the brand new schedule fully inconvenient after that he can help to make Nelly conscious of his situation and likely she will help him in the matter worried and finally he’d be able to job more in curatorial. Conclusion- the main problem in the case happen because of the extra concern and sympathy of Miss Nelly towards Mister. Rod.

The thing which he could carry out was going to Nelly and pleasantly telling her about the situation as well as the surreptitious appears and frowns of other members of research team which was quite embarrassing.

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