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In our globalised circumstance, right dimensions of the staff members employed in an organisation is now an important management strategy in order to meet the increased competition. The voluntary retirement scheme(VRS) is among the most humane way to provide overall reduction in the existing strength from the employees. It is a technique used by simply companies intended for trimming the workforce employed in the industrial unit. It is now a commonly technique used to eliminates off the extra manpower and therefore improve the efficiency of the business.

It is a generous, tax-free severance payment to persuade employees to under your own accord retire through the company.

Also, it is known as ‘Golden Handshake’ as it is the golden route to retrenchment. In India, the Industrial Arguments Act, 1947 puts restrictions on companies in the matter of minimizing excess personnel by retrenchment, by closures of establishment and the retrenchment method involved large amount of legalities and complex methods. Also, any plans of retrenchment and reduction of staff and workforce happen to be subjected to solid opposition simply by trade assemblage.

Hence, VRS was introduced alternatively legal answer to solve this problem.

It allowed employers which includes those inside the government companies, to offer non-reflex retirement techniques to off-load the surplus manpower and no pressure is put on any worker to exit. The voluntary retirement schemes were not exposed to not vehement opposition by Unions, for the reason that very nature of the being voluntary and not employing any compulsion. It was introduced in both the public and sectors. Open public sector undertakings, however , need to obtain prior approval in the government prior to offering and implementing the VRS. A small business firm may well opt for a non-reflex retirement scheme under the next circumstances: –

* Because of recession in the commercial.

5. Due to intense competition, the establishment becomes unviable except if downsizing can be resorted to.

2. Due to joint-ventures with international collaborations.

* As a result of takeovers and mergers.

* Because of obsolescences of Product/Technology.

Although eligibility requirements for VRS varies from business to business, but usually, employees with attained 4 decades of age or perhaps completed 10 years of services are eligible pertaining to voluntary pension. The plan applies to all employees which includes workers and executives, except the directors of a firm. The employee who opts pertaining to voluntary old age is entitled to get 45 days emoluments for each completed year of service or monthly emoluments at the time of old age multiplied by the remaining weeks of assistance before the usual date of service, whatever is less. Along with these kinds of benefits, the employees also get all their provident finance and gratuity dues. Settlement received during voluntary retirement is not affected by tax under section 12 (10C) from the Income Tax Work, 1961 upto the prescribed amount upon fulfilling particular stipulated circumstances.

However , the retiring worker should not be employed in another company or matter belonging to the same management. The businesses can body different techniques of voluntary retirement for different classes with their employees. Nevertheless , these schemes have to adapt the guidelines approved in rule 2BA in the Income-tax Rules. The guidelines for the purposes of section 10( 10C ) in the Income-tax Action have been set down in the rule 2BA of the Income-tax Rules. The guidelines provide the fact that scheme of voluntary pension framed with a company should be in accordance with this requirements, namely: * That applies to a staff of the organization who has accomplished ten years of service or completed 40 years of age * It relates to all employees (by what ever name called), including employees and professionals of the company excepting Directors of the firm

* The scheme of voluntary retirement has been attracted to result in general reduction in the present strength from the employees from the company. * The openings caused by non-reflex retirement is usually not to become filled up, neither the going employee is to be employed in one other company or concern of the same administration. * The quantity receivable due to voluntary retirement living of the staff, does not surpass the amount equal to one and one-half several weeks salary for every completed season of service or month to month emoluments at the time of retirement increased by the equilibrium months of service still left before the particular date of his retirement upon superannuation.

In any case, the amount must not exceed rupees five lakhs in case of every employee, and * The employee has not utilized in the past the main advantage of any other voluntary retirement system. Some businesses offers incredibly appealing package of benefits to the employees who go with VRS. For example , the VRS scheme can also include rendering counselling to employees of the future; controlling of funds received underneath the scheme; providing rehabilitation establishments to all of them, etc . A firm may make the next announcements whilst implementing a voluntary old age scheme: – * The causes behind downsizing the organisation.

* The eligibility conditions for non-reflex retirement plan. * The age limit and the minimum service period of workers who can apply for the scheme. * The benefits that are offered for the employees who also offer to retire under your own accord. * The rights with the employer to take or decline any software for voluntary retirement. * The time up to which the scheme is definitely open.

2. The tax benefits and income tax occurrence related to the scheme. 5. It should likewise indicate the fact that employees whom opt for voluntary retirement and accept the huge benefits under such scheme will not be eligible at a later date for career in the organisation. Voluntary Pension Schemes have been completely legally discovered to be giving no problem to employers, personnel and their assemblage. But , the retrenchment ideas of an business must be compatible to the strategic programs. Its procedure and causes of introduction has to be discussed with all management personnel including best management.

One particular need to identify departments or employees to whom VRS applies and thereby formulate its terms and conditions and also state the advantages that would be offered to those who got VRS. These kinds of information must be made available to just about every employee with the organization, talking about the period during which the system will be open up. Also, existing employees may well face low self-esteem because of fear of losing their job as well. One of the conceivable drawback of the VRS is that the efficient employees would leave the company while the inefficient may possibly stay back again. Thus it’s the /responsibility in the employer to motivate all of them and remove their apprehensions and concerns


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