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John Agard, to get his way about half-caste, he uses images to point various other well-known blends of half-caste:  yu indicate when Picasso mix red a great green is a half-case canvas/ this is one of his meaning of recognized mixtures which will people of society pleasant with wide open arms, then why is there a voice of misjudgment when a there is also a person who belongs to two races. Agard needs a bitter, upset and annoying tone to complement his a sense of being a patient.

The presentational device employed for this poem is formal: it has rhythm and vocally mimic eachother. The vocally mimic eachother scheme utilized is certainly not expected, as the composition is drafted in a sort of prejudice.  The use of sarcasm and mocking tone:  Excuse me standing on a single leg Im half-caste The author here wants attention, and features the subject of half-caste. Then the writer goes on to strenuous an explanation to why individuals are objective towards those who are half-caste, they manage to have no objections for any different object yet humans.

Explain yuself wha yu mean when yu say half-caste From this one can see that Agard has been a victim of misjudgment. He challenges the person whom spoke and so rudely of him. � Ah hearing yu wid de keen half of mih ear Here Agard is requesting prejudices to examine their posture to see elements through his eyes. This individual does even so use cynical humour to get his point of racism a great d bias across. Half-caste is a somewhat challenging composition, a through the poem there is duplication of:  Explain yuself wha yu mean Agard problems those who speak against half-castes, and requests them to provide their meaning of half-casts.

Half-caste, can be written in nonstandard British, just like would Sujata Bhatt and is changing a Carribbean accent. You cannot find any punctuation aside from the basic, even though however the reader creates the punctuation and tone when he reads the poem out loud.  If to summarise, between your poems, the authors, have the ability to demonstrate the partnership between the poems, in different nevertheless effective ways. Half-caste, Agard creates a victimising and frustrated symbolism about those people who are prejudice. Although there are related styles are used and through the poem generally there remains a single mood created, I feel the author was cynical to a level and handles distinctively to make his planned point.

As opposed to For Look for My Tongue, Bhatt appears very unsure as she feels she has shed the ability to speak her mother tongue and in distinction with Agard who seems very confident as he issues those who are prejudice. He is also confident regarding his background, as is Bhatt. I think that Agard wishes the reader to envisage just how what he feels and what he has to say are two different things employing nonstandard The english language and phonetic Caribbean highlight. However it can be repetitive because he produces humour, which can be rather cynical.

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