norma jean mortensen baker was born to her mother

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Gladys Mortensen on June1st, 1926 by 9: 40 am in Los Angeles, California.

Gladys was divorced from her husband, C. Stanley Gifford and separated

from her husband Male impotence Mortensen.

Ed Mortensen was who also Gladys put on Norma Skinny jeans birth qualification as her

father nonetheless it is still in question if he was her father of whether it was her first hubby

Jack Baker who was her father.

Gladys had two different kids by another marriage. She got them in her

initially marriage to Jack Baker. They were hitched when your woman was sixteen in 1917.

The children names had been Hermitt Plug and Berneice. They visited live with their particular

fathers relatives in Kentucky after their divorce in 1921.

Hermitt apparently died of Tuberculosis inside the early twenties, but Gladys

reported they are all dead when ever Norma Blue jean was born. Gladys later reunited in

the 60s the moment Berneice inside the 60s the moment Berneice started to be Gladys legal guardian.

After Canon Jean came to be Gladys decided she couldnt afford her and so

she sent her to live using a mail carrier and his partner, Albert and Ida Bolender.

Norma Jean put in her first years with the Bolenders. They were very

faith based. They boarded children for their property. It absolutely was two quadrat. They tried

to adopt her but Gladys always turned down.

Her Grandmother live across the street through the Bolenders. Her name

was Della Hogan Monroe Grainger. She would take Norma Jean to her property for

appointments often. Later in life Marilyn declared that she awoke in the evening fighting for her

lifer since her grandma was keeping a pillow over her face. Various people

declare she couldnt remember this kind of happening mainly because she was only 12 months old then.

Another time Della attempted to rescue Canon Jean. Your woman tired damaging the

Bolenders door down. Your woman had to be taken away by the law enforcement and the girl was set

in an asylum on September 4, 1927, where she died 15 days later from a myocardial infarction

during a mania seizure.

Norma Jeans scenario was very puzzling for her. The lady got weekend

visits coming from Gladys. Arquetipo Jean by no means called her her mom though. Your woman didnt

find out Gladys really was her mother until Viaje Bolender pointed it out with her. She

got always named the Bolenders mom and dad right up until Ida corrected her.

There is another youngster there known as Lester. He got apart with aside with

phoning them mom and dad because he have been adopted simply by them. However, they

known as Norma Blue jean and Lester twins which will only confused Norma Jean even

even more.

Gladys began spending more time with her daughter and she required her to

work with her occasionally. She was five when your woman saw pictures of the dad for

the very first time. I experienced so excited I practically fell away my chairThat was my personal first completely happy

time. (Marilyn by: Kathy Rooks-Denes, copyright 1993, pg. 19).

In 1934 Norma Jean was delivered to lice with her mother and a language

couple. That they urged her out of the religious shell the girl was in and got her in

singing and dancing as well as the movies.

Gladys performed two jobs. She attempted to provide a great family life for her

daughter but in 1935 Gladys was taken away in away on the stretcher. She was

put in the same mental hospital her mom had died in and was diagnosed with

paranoid schizophrenia. She would stay in a healthcare facility almost the remainder of her life.

Her mother would never allow her to be adopted out therefore she occupied 12

several families, twelve of them create parents, once she wasnt in a La


At age of sixteen Norma Blue jean was forced into a matrimony to 20 year old Jim

Dougherty. She didnt want to marry him. She believed she was way too young

but she was required to do so anyhow.

I had formed six moms weeping while i marched throughout the aisle (Marilyn pg.

25) Gladys wasnt there even though even though the lady wasnt within a hospital at the moment.

That they didnt take a honeymoon and Jim started the next day just like their

matrimony wasnt any kind of big deal. It had been like getting retired to a zoo. The effect

marriage experienced on me personally was to enhance my deficiency of interest in sexActually our

marriage was a sort of friendship with sexual privileges, (which) brought me

none pain nor happiness. (Marilyn pg. 26)

She wished a baby although he discussed her out of it and bought her a collie to get


In 1943 Rick joined the merchant marine as a physical training teacher on

Father christmas Catalina Area.

In 1944 he received his orders to go to Down under. Norma Blue jean moved along with his

relatives. She commenced working on the Radio Planes Company.

In June 1945 a photographer named David Conover came into the plant in

search of subjects and Norma Jean caught his eye. I am going to consider your

photo for the boys in the Army to hold their morale high. (Marilyn pg. 27)

The images were posted in Yank and Celebrities and Lines magazines.

Your woman was fired from her next work. They said Direttiva Jean got more than

the most common amount ot sex charm. (Marilyn pg. 30)

At an agents instance, Canon Jean had her lumination brown frizzy hair bleached to

help her get more careers.

When my personal lawyer published Jim in Shanghi about my seeking a divorce, John

asked easily would wait until he came back home by over oceans to see if we’re able to

make a try of our marriage. I knew then simply that I planned to be an actress a lot more than

ever. (Marilyn pg. 36)

In 1946 Jim showed up at her house while using divorce paperwork. She achieved him

at the door and told him she was signed with 20th Hundred years Fox. In addition, she

told him of her new term, Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn getting after Marilyn Miller and

Monroe was her mothers maiden identity.

In 1952 Marilyn began dating retired baseball wonderful, Joe DiMaggio. He

hated Hollywood although she was not about to surrender her job for your house wife


On January 14, 1954 she committed Joe. By their wedding ceremony she asked Joe if

he would place flowers at her burial plot every week following she died.

Wedding ceremony went wrong after only a few weeks. He didnt like her

popular skirt forced scene and she recorded for a divorce 2 weeks following it was


Some of the films Marilyn was in Contain:

The Shocking Miss Pilgrim 1947

Dangerous years 1947

You Were Intended for Me 1948

Scudda Hoo! Scudda Hi there! 1948

Females of the Chorus 1948

Love Happy 1950

A Window of Tomahawk 1950

The Asphalt Jungle 1950

All About Eve 1950

Dont bother to Knock 1952

Gentlemen Favor Blondes 1953

How to Get married to a Uniform 1953

The Seven Yr Itch 1955

Some Like It Hot 1959

The Misfits 1961

Later on DiMaggio Junior. talked to Marilyn at about 7: 00 p. meters. the night of her

fatality. He explained she was happy and anything but frustrated, but Philip Lawford

talked to her around 7: forty five p. meters. and said she seemed almost inaudible. He retained

asking her what was wrong and she finally said, Say good-bye to Terry, Say

good-bye to the leader and state good-bye to yourself, your own a nice person.

Unwell see, Unwell see. In that case she was silent. (Good House Keeping, May 93, pg. 216).

He received a call up at you: 30 stating they had found Marilyn deceased at midnight.

It is known that your woman died of your drug over-dose but many persons believe the girl

was murdered.

The lady had experienced affairs with both John and Bobby Kennedy, so many people

believe that she was killed by a government struck man.

Others believe your woman was murdered by the Cosca. Her loss of life may always

remain a mystery along with many with the strange specifics of her rather secret life.

Her crypt is at Westwood Funeral service Cemetery. Paul DiMaggio set up so

that two reddish roses can be delivered to her grave two times a week permanently.

In 1982 he decided permanently was above. Robert Slatzer took over after him.

She right now gets light roses and Slatzer has arranged the flowers keep coming

many years after his fatality.

The Marilyn Monroe that everyone thinks they knew never existed, the

whittles bimbo, the dumb blonde, the self destructive women of easy advantage. This

bears no marriage to her in any way. (People Mag, 4-12-93, webpage 83).

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