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VLC technology, among the advanced optic wireless conversation technologies, in which light in the visible place (375nm-780nm) can be used as a medium for info transmission is far more secure and achieves high data rates as compared to conventional wireless technology like Wi fi, Bluetooth, Wimax etc ., which use radio surf for interaction. Till past due 1990s infrared spectrum can be used for the communication. But in the early 2000s, researches began using obvious light coming from LEDs because the moderate for conversation. Initially they were able to attain network rate about 100Kbps.

With constant developments, VLC systems are now able to achieve about 800Mbps data rate for short selection communications. Many businesses and research institutes happen to be conducting exploration to develop and commercialize Gigabit networks pertaining to long range communications.

FSO will be based upon the same theory as VLC but it uses light in the IR spectrum for connection. Invention RONJA device in 2001, which could achieve 10Mbps network velocity over 0. 87 mls boosted the research activities in the FSO technology.

FSO was initially utilized for outdoor interaction applications. In the recent times, indoor applications like business connectivity, hospitals are raising.

Reliability and network coverage are the major concerns to be deemed by the businesses while providing VLC providers. Interferences coming from external mild sources like sun light, usual bulbs; and opaque materials in the way of tranny will cause interruption in the connection. High set up cost of the VLC systems can be complemented by large-scale implementation ofVLC. Adopting VLC technology will certainly reduce even more operating costs like electrical power charges, repair charges and so forth

Visible lumination communication technology is still in the introductory period. Indoor marketing and location primarily based services will be the only applications that are quite penetrated on the market. Products for other applications (intelligent traffic management system, in-flight entertainment, and underwater communication) are expected hitting the market by the end of 2013. VLC might be implemented as being a complementary technology to the existing wireless networks. VLC is definitely expected to enter M2M interaction, smart urban centers, power more than Ethernet (PoE), wireless sensor networks, all-pervasive networks, increased reality etc . after five years.

As opposed to VLC technology, FSO technology is launched in the market for quite a while. FSO technology is extremely used in army & tail wind applications thanks its secure and high-speed data transmission rates. FSO is likely to be deployed in GUY (Metropolitan Region Network), services accelerating, last mile connection etc . applications in the near future.

This kind of report categorizes the VLC/Li-Fi market based on components, applications and location. Components contain LEDs, infrared emitters, Opto-couplers, and photo sensors. Main applications of VLC/Li-Fi covered through this report happen to be Intelligent Targeted traffic Management Systems (ITMS), Indoor Networking, In-flight Entertainment, Underwater Communication, and Location Based Services (LBS). A global market is fragmented in North America, Europe, APAC and ROW. The report also details FSO marketplace by applications: enterprise applications, mobile carrier backhaul, and military & aerospace; and geography.

Leading players inside the VLC/Li-Fi marketplace include LVX System (U. S. ), pureVLC Limited (U. K. ), Nakagawa Laboratories, Inc. (Japan), Excellent Technology Corporation (Japan) and ByteLight (U. S. ). Many study centers, institutes and cartouche are also starting R&D activities to develop and commercialize VLC technology. For instance , Visible Mild Communication Holding (VLCC), LiFi Consortium, School of Oxford (U. T. ), Smart

Lamps Engineering Analysis Centre, UC-Light Center (University of A bunch of states, U. H. ), Keio University (Japan), University of Edinburgh and so forth APAC area is anticipated to be the marketplace leader inside the VLC/Li-Fi market owing to the recent technology developments and increased R&D activities.

Best players inside the FSO market include fSONA Networks Corp. (Canada), Ubiquiti Networks, Inc. (U. H. ), North Hi-Tec Ltd (U. E. ), LightPointe Communications, Inc. (U. S i9000. ), Society for Optic Communications Systems Ltd. (Germany), and Wi-fi Excellence Limited (U. E. ). European countries is the market leader in the FSO industry at present but , North America is definitely expected to business lead the market by simply 2018. Elevated enterprise and military & aerospace program in United states is driving the FSO market in this region.

Scope in the report

This kind of research record categorizes the global VLC technology market; based upon component, applications, and location; it also protects the expected revenue and applications of FSO technology.

Based on component

Global VLC technology component market is segmented in to LED, IR emitters, Opto-couplers and photo sensors

On the basis of application areas

Global VLC technology applications market is segmented into ITS, indoor networking, in-flight entertainment and communication, underwater communication and placement based providers.

On the basis of location

Geographical research covers North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and ROW.


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