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There are many of significant differences among in the art of teaching breastfeeding skills on the university level and the skill of teaching nursing skills at the community level. The educational chances are similar for both types of organizations but the needs on teachers are different at each level.

Current literature demonstrates “approximately 42% of learners enter community colleges with reading, producing, or mathematics skills under the college level’ (Cohen, Brawer, 2003) and thus many of these college students “need fundamental skills prep in remedial-developmental courses” (National Center intended for Educational Figures, 2003). The need for basic expertise preparation is usually evident of countless students coming into college, yet especially so for those who are getting into at the community college level. Many of these learners have not attained acceptance into the larger colleges, or have the need to hone all their educational expertise before tackling the demanding requirements of four-year colleges and universities. This scenario will also apply to students on the whole and comes with those pupils who are seeking levels or diplomas in the breastfeeding field too.

A 2008 article in Community College Week claims “the 3 major educational paths to registered nursing jobs are a bachelors degree, an associate degree, and a diploma from an permitted nursing program” (Facts, 08, p. 7). Although many nursing jobs students search for four-year deg, a larger portion first attempt an associate degree or degree or diploma, oftentimes in the local community school.

One the latest study searched for to determine “if students aspiring to breastfeeding careers (at the community university level) will vary characteristics and academic habits from pupils in other majors” (Perin, 06\, p. 659).

What the research determined was that nearly 2 to 3 of the aspirants seeking medical degrees moved into the community school “unable to study, write, and compute in the college freshman level” (p. 668). Stats like these place a huge burden on community college course instructors; having to teach students tips on how to read, compose and comprehend at a higher level than what they are used to is known as a difficult enough task for several instructors, needing to accomplish within a two-year plan while instilling the students together with the necessary details to become doctors makes it possibly tougher.

The four-year language schools have an edge over community college in the length of time that they need to address any shortfalls, but that does not signify the instructor’s jobs are any less difficult; far from it.

A 2009 article claims “the nursing profession is definitely moving toward increased educational credentials” and that by the year 2015 a “doctorate will probably be required for nps, clinical registered nurse specialists, Qualified Registered Nurse Anesthetists and doctor midwives” (Slowik, 2009, p. 13). With an increase of demands within the students to get better knowledgeable comes elevated demands for the teachers and instructors to supply those pupils with the important knowledge, data and expertise demanded from their website. The problem is that finding teachers that can accomplish those requirements is a hard scenario. Polly Bednash, CEO of

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