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Unit 2

1 ) Understand what is required for proficiency in personal work function 1 . you Describe the duties and responsibilities of individual role.

My duties in order to assisted although promoting independence to seniors with day by day tasks just like personal health care, toileting, getting attired a and undressed, portion at meal times with a clients having to be helped to feed.

1 . 2 Identify requirements that impact the way the role is completed.

The standards that influence just how my part is accomplished are Health and Safety at your workplace Act mid 1970s, Manuel Controlling Operations Rules 1992 and Codes of Practice.

1 . 3 Describe ways to ensure personal attitudes or perhaps beliefs tend not to obstruct the quality of work.

Approaches to ensure personal attitudes or beliefs tend not to obstruct the quality of work has been aware of personal attitudes and beliefs, staying open and understanding in front of large audiences attitudes and beliefs and respecting the difference between individual and others. Enquire for know-how and comprehension of needs, culture and qualifications of individuals.

2 . Be able to think about own work activities.

2 . you Explain how come reflecting on practice is an important way to develop knowledge, expertise and practice.

Highlighting on practice is an important method to develop expertise, skills and practice since helps make perception of and find out from experience, develop abilities and tactics, understanding what functions and what doesn’t work, considering what could have been completely done in another way.

2 . 2 Assess just how well own knowledge, expertise and understanding meets specifications.

2 . a few Demonstrate the ability to reflect on work activities.

three or more. Be able to acknowledge a personal advancement plan.

3. 1 Identify sources of support for own learning and development. Sources of support for very own learning and development are my collection manager, manager and my assessor. 3. 2 Explain the process for agreeing a private development plan and who also should be included. The process to get agreeing your own development program is through appraisal with my collection manager, back to work interviews with my manager and meetings with my assessor.

3. a few Contribute to creating own advancement plan.

I bring about drawing up very own development program by tallying to goals for development, understanding demands for specific, measurable, feasible, realistic and timed targets. 4. Be able to develop own knowledge, abilities and understanding 4. one particular Show what sort of learning activity has increased own know-how, skills and understanding. I’ve done a dementia in house training which has superior my understanding, skills and understanding through this learning activity. That shows me how to overcome people with dementia and how it might affects a person. 4. 2 Demonstrate how showing on a condition has increased own knowledge, skills and understand. I find reflecting on a condition helps to glance at the situation from different landscapes, which gives me a better expertise and understanding. 4. a few Show just how feedback from others has created own knowledge, skills and understanding. My manager has received feedback by residents about my level of care We provide which is discussed during my appraisals, we all also discuss if further training is required and if I use any problem. some. 4 Present how to record progress with regards to personal development. After i have an evaluation all subject areas discussed is definitely record including any personal developments.


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