Obesity in the UK Essay

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Obesity levels inside the Untied Kingdom have reached an all time high with one in every 4 adults experiencing obesity. Childhood obesity has additionally drastically improved with 25 % of boys and 33 percent of females aged among two and 19 years being overweight or obese. There is little signal of this up trend in obesity preventing, and it will have got a significant effect on the state of the country.

It will in a negative way affect the UK’s economy and even more importantly adversely affect the well being of the UK’s 63 million people. With obesity turning out to be this common in our contemporary society is it not time we address this problem? I think it truly is, and one of the best ways in my opinion is always to introduce a tax about fizzy drinks and junk food. This may appears rather drastic when first heard nevertheless consider the 5.

1billion spent yearly by the NHS to treat those with obesity related medical conditions. Right now consider the 2535 limbs of Burger King, McDonald’s, KFC and Lasagna Hut located all around Scotland and England, consider the number of goods those branches sell plus the amount of money that may be raised through taxes upon those goods. That cash could be used on our NHS which is being crippled underneath the weight of budget cuts as well as the cost weight problems is having absolutely isn’t helping the load. These types of taxes can also deter a large number of from the assure of quick, cheap foodstuff from these kinds of outlets and can send all of them in the direction of much healthier options.

The recommendations in favour of taxing these kinds of food can be reasonable, including recommendation of taxes of twenty percent upon sugary drinks for at least a year being put forth. Other initiatives are already in position to help deal with the UK’s weight issue such as the Change 4 Life’ initiative operate by the NHS which offers free of charge nutritional guidance to those who desire it. 60 though, that as much good as these plans are doing that they aren’t working well enough. The obesity amounts in this country are still growing and we need to know more action to stop it.

We must have more healthy and balanced eating strategies in place throughout the country in places including schools, on the work place and even at hospitals. People need to comprehend the risks of junk food plus the major overall health effects it can have causing obesity, and with obesity comes a vast array of various other negative health results which include cardiovascular disease, certain malignancies, high blood pressure, joint problems, psychological difficulties and diabetes.

There have been different recommendations on strategies to tackle weight problems with suggestions like banning the advertising and marketing of food high in condensed fat, glucose and salt before 9pm, this can help with the problems of childhood overweight as kids would be more unlikely to have noticed these adverts meaning these were less likely to be influenced simply by them. Another change that could drastically idea the weighing scales towards healthier eating is usually giving neighborhood councils the strength to limit the number of fast food outlets around schools and leisure centres limiting the of these types of meals to young children.

There are also programs for the us government to spend 300 million upon weight management programmes, that may sound like a large amount however it is much less than the price obesity has on the storage compartments of the NHS. Taxation upon tobacco products has already been shown to help reduce the number of smoking related deaths and the amount of money gathered in taxation from cigarettes products this year ( 12. 1bn) far exceeds the cost smoking related ailments have for the NHS every year ( 5bn) thus surely thinking about taxing oily and sweet foods is not as well drastic. Particularly when there are about 35, 1000 obesity related deaths annually. Other ways to tackle weight problems have to do with activities instead of food.

Together with the increase in junk food intake by simply people in britain there has also been a large not enough exercise or sporting activity. Most people today have careers that entail sitting at a office for long periods of the day, this kind of combined with the fact that most people travel to operate by car or bus rather than jogging equals to a lot of being seated during the day. Following work most people just want to loosen up and so often sit down within the sofa using a cup of tea watching television instead of do something energetic.

This problem is not easy to deal with but if pursuits at the workplace are introduced which include items like sporting golf equipment offered cost-free by the work environment or various other incentives to walk to work instead of drive this may serious assistance with the daily inactivity. Businesses can also help by removing vending machines that give away junk food and replace associated with one that provide a healthy snack. Finally yet another thing the government may do to assist with this problem is to subsidise the cost of healthy food in outlets.

This will end up being useful as one of the main reasons persons eat junk food is because it is cheaper than most more healthy products. In the event the healthier items are less costly than other selections then individuals are more likely to take in healthily. Or perhaps instead of subsidising the food the government could provide food vouchers to those struggling for money to provide them discounts on the healthier products in shops.

This kind of combined with taxation on the fattier foods can completely change the perception of healthy food with this country and we can begin on the path to eradicating the challenge of obesity in the UK. Simply by Rajan Gill 11E

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