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Unrest and war

“Odysseus is too inconsiderate, selfish and deceitful to become real main character. ” What lengths do you agree with this watch? Yes, I really do agree that Odysseus was thoughtless, selfish and deceitful but these features were essential for him to complete his journey and become seen as a hero on his come back to Ithaca. Greek heroes like Odysseus had been greater than the average man and achieved very much notoriety and fame when you are thoughtless, self-centered and fraudulent. Inevitability Odysseus, curiosity led him for making bad decisions after all having been only human and not a god.

This is important to not forget because without these character faults Odysseus could have looked to perfect to be a hero. An example of his character flaws is that of him being inconsiderate when he sacked the Island of Ismarus along with his men, this decision led to him shedding 72 of his males and many more casualties. His actions also annoyed the Gods whom made his journey home even more difficult.

An additional incident can be when he sent three of his males to search the land from the lotus eaters without thinking with their safety. His thoughtless action nearly lost him a few of his staff.

His interest also led him for making foolish decisions like when ever Odysseus went to explore the island of the Cyclops and foolishly entered Polyphemus’s cave unwanted which disrespected the rules of xenia. His thoughtless decision caused the death of 6 of his dedicated men. Odysseus was also keen showing off in order that he may feel crucial than all others around him, when he informed the Cyclops to mention call him by his name if asked who blinded him. Odysseus is also a deceitful and selfish main character when on the island of st. kitts of Aeolia the Goodness of breeze Aeolus, gave Odysseus a bag of wind to speed up his journey house.

He did not tell his crew what was in the handbag, which shows he does not trust his men. This also generated them opening the handbag while Odysseus was in bed to see if virtually any valuables had been inside. The consequence of this was that the ship was blown back in the island of Aeolia which will further late their quest to Ithaca. However like all good heroes Odysseus learned from his mistake and realised that he had in all honesty to his loyal staff if this individual were to help to make it back to his home land.

Odysseus did not often think through his actions just like when he remained on the island of Ageaia together with the nymph Circe for a season, only then to be told by his men that he should go back to his homeland. It was a very selfish act because he was unfaithful to his wife whom never conned on him during his 20 year lack in Ithaca. Another inconsiderate /selfish sort of him acting on impulse rather than thinking issues through 1st is if he sent another scout part of search for occupants on the island of Telepylus.

Therefore one of his men got eaten up by the Laestrygonians and all of the ships received destroyed except for his personal. He could have saved many lives experienced he certainly not been and so thoughtless, self-centered and deceitful. However without these character flaws he more than likely have been a genuine hero. Odysseus also were required to make difficult decisions to stay his long journey home. So as when it comes to the half a dozen headed huge Scylla, this individual decided to sacrifice six of his males without their very own knowledge, in order to save the rest of his crew. This was a purely fraudulent act that was required upon him to save most.

All heroes may be facing difficult decisions which at times are vicious and at the price of human your life. Another sort of Odysseus staying deceitful can be when he evens up the Cretan lie, where he makes up a story about like a man coming from Crete. We see the Cretan lie utilized at various times for example with the swine heard and with Odysseus’s wife. Athene loves this quality of Odysseus. On the other hand there were situations where he would look out for his men, and was not self-centered, like when he returns towards the island of Aeaea to offer Elpenor an appropriate burial this shows he was loyal to his guys.

In conclusion Odysseus is a the case hero even though he was thoughtless, selfish and deceitful. However he had value for the gods (Athene), a strong impression of responsibility, (will often go back for his men) showed great honour and was highly regarded by his men and peers. He was a role version for his son Telemachus who wished to be like him. He likewise showed superb Athleticism that has been very important and highly regarded. Having been very competitive and attempted to be better than anyone else and insured call him by his name lived in forever. This is certainly a sign of a true main character.

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