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Oedipus Rex

Excerpt via Term Paper:

Q: There exists a good deal inside the play regarding seeing and blindness. What purpose does this serve? How is Oedipus contrasted with Teiresias? How does Oedipus at the start of the perform contrast with all the Oedipus at the conclusion? Why is his blinding him self dramatically suitable?

A: The physical conditions of look and blindness in the perform serve symbolic functions, specifically as these conditions manifest themselves in Oedipus himself. Oedipus begins the play because they are physically sighted, but he can blind with regards to knowledge. He does not understand the whole truth about his heritage. Nor does this individual make the interconnection between the murder of Jocasta’s husband, his subsequent matrimony to her, plus the prophesy he could be trying to avoid. In this way, he can mentally window blind to the truth of his situation.

Teiresias, on the other hand, is physically impaired, but has insight into the facts of scenarios, as well as the long term. The Chorus Leader brands him being a man of insight that can help Oedipus to obtain the truth: “Our lord Teiresias, /I understand, can see in things, just like lord Apollo. ” (l. 334-335). As such, he as a result warns Oedipus not to pursue his search for the truth, mainly because it could just lead to tragedy. Oedipus however is sightless to the true extent in the impending tragedy, and neglects Teiresias’ guidance. In this way, dr. murphy is the opposite in the old telepathist: he is a young king that is physically sighted but psychologically blind, although Teiresias is physically sightless, but emotionally sighted. Precisely the same contrast is seen between the Oedipus in the beginning from the play as well as the king at the conclusion. At the beginning, he could be physically sighted, but sightless to the truth. He is oblivious, despite the alerts of the telepathist and the Chorus, not only to the facts of his situation, although also for the truth of the warnings. The audience may think that Oedipus is usually deliberately window blind in this regard. From this sense, his final action is considerably appropriate. It is as if mental and physical sight simply cannot exist jointly. Oedipus discovers his understanding of the truth unbearable and window blinds himself symbolically to demonstrate his desperate wish for the mental blindness that is certainly lost to him permanently: “Don’t show me what I’ve done can be not the best. /and to any extent further spare myself your tips. / basically could find, I how to start how my own eyes/could take a look at my own daddy when I come / to Hades or perhaps could check in with my wretched mom. / Against those two I have dedicated acts as well as so disgusting that regardless if I hanged myself / that would not really be enough punishment. inch (l. 1615-1622). Furthermore, by simply blinding himself, Oedipus can be deprived of all privileges which were his during his sighted life. They can no longer rule as ruler, for example , and he loses his kids and his partner. He gets into a life of powerlessness that is completely in contrast with the life he had before this individual knew the fact.

The remarkable appropriateness with this act is based on the significance of Oedipus’ self-imposed blindness. In blinding the vision himself, Oedipus gives up not only his physical sight, although everything that was associated with his mental loss of sight. He collapses his kingship and his friends and family, as well as his sense of self-respect. This is the dramatic misfortune of his

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