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It has been once said that, “all literature shows us the power of emotion. It truly is emotion, not really reason, that motivates persona in literature” this quotation can be interpreted to mean that all ebooks show us the strength of feeling. It can be feeling certainly not reasoning that drives heroes in it literatures. To fulfill whatever they want in the tale. Feelings travel characters to attain every possible circumstance. The quality of this meaning can be seen since true by simply examining the literary factors conflict and characterization in Of Mice and Guys by Steve Steinbeck and All Quiet around the Western Front side by Erich Maria Remarque.

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Steinbeck, in Of Rats and Males, uses the literary component characterization to show the power of interpretation. George and Lenny and also all the other farmville farm hands coping with the major depression of the early on 1900’s are forced to labor intensively for room, panel and measely earnings.

In order to make it through during this difficult time. The reader recognizes George’s sacrifice of his own mental state simply by enduring remorse and isolation. In the account curley lashes out in sense because he is usually small and he picks fights with everyone that’s why he hits lenny he is without specific explanation. lenny has emotion just like back in bud when he planned to feel the young ladies dress and his strong feeling got the best of him and sculpted the girls wear half. Each of the characters in Of Mice and Guys are different but they all portray solid emotions to satisfy their wants. Steinbeck uses other fictional elements to demonstrate the interpretations validity.

Steinbeck also uses conflict to validate the interpretation. Lenny accidently kills curlys better half out of his emotional desire to feel soft things that leads with their dream receding of reach Man versus Man turmoil. George’s desires for owning his own farm building is to impractical with lenny and right now there job surroundings Man compared to society man vs person. George eradicating lenny can be strictly away of feelings because he performed what was perfect for lenny Guy vs . Home. The characters internal and external issues are primarily based off feelings and they set each other in several emotions. Remarque in All Peaceful on the Western Front uses the same literary element confirm the presentation

Remarque uses characterization to clarify the model Corporal himmelstoss is noncommissioned training official who was a power starving man to satisfy his have to be in some kind of authority. Paul trying to carry out his obligation in the field the enemy gift jumps in his ditch and Paul’s response was to rute him away of feeling. Kemmerich dyeing was a signal of his will to live because he was crying cause he desired to live really. The portrayal was really great and showed their accurate colors. Remarque also uses the fictional element discord further evaluate the meaning

The lost generation was fighting a war they think is wrong for world man or society. Struggling purely out of emotion and no cause because they dislike the war person vs . home. Paul telling kemmenrichs mother that kemmerich had a quick and painless death, that was not the case person vs . do it yourself. All the clashes are to satisfy the goods to outlive they need to obtain food and energy

All book perform show us the potency of feelings not really reasoning that drives characters in literatures. To fulfill no matter what they want inside the story. Feelings drive character types to succeed. Characterization and discord show validity to the meaning and provide reasoning for it. They to accomplishment are up to the individual.


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