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Show just how Steinbeck shows two personas making tough decisions in Of mice and Guys A decision can either have a fantastic or bad outcome. In ‘Of Mice and Men’ characters are made to take difficult decisions that could change their particular lives. Through this essay, I will be analyzing ways in which Steinbeck shows (shows) hard decisions of characters, in the novel. George makes several tough decisions which every lead him to his misery. The moment George and Lennie will be sitting near the fire, George says to Lennie, “‘if I was only I could live so easy’ ‘no mess at all’, ‘An’ whatta I got¦I got you! ‘  George’s a lot more not easy as they has to handle Lennie, whom gets into trouble-most of the time.

Choosing to take care of Lennie, instead of leaving him is actually a tough decision; this is what prospects George to this painful result.

When speaking with Carlson after killing Lennie, “George’s voice was almost a sound.

He looked at his hand that held the gun.  George is actually lonely fine sand he seems guilty to look at Lennie’s existence away. George chose to destroy Lennie because if he didn’t, Lennie would be killed painfully by simply Curley, and George will not want Lennie to suffer. Candy will make tough choices which usually all lead to him facing terrible outcomes. After the fatality of his dog, Candy says “‘I ought to of shot that dog me personally, George. I shouldn’t must of permit no new person shoot my own dog. ‘ Candy has a feeling of regret and this individual misses his dog. Chocolate lets Carlson shoot his dog because he feels he has no various other choice but for let him as they thinks they would kick him off the hacienda.

After finding Curley’s wife dead, understanding it was Lennie, Candy “spoke his greatest fear. ‘You an’ myself can get that little place can’t all of us, George? ‘ ‘Candy dropped his head and looked down at the hay. This individual knew. ‘  Candy’s dreams are flattened as he knows that they are going to no longer continue to try to get the tiny ranch. He had so much expect when he made a decision to join George and Lennie on their fantasy, but now he has to remain on the farm because he is without other options. Candy just wanted to get off the ranch and keep his doggie, but cannot do both because of the options he was required to make.

These kinds of characters made hard decisions which they thought would make all their lives better but rather they altered their lives for the worse. They all just wanted a happy life which lost the opportunity to get this joy at the end with the novel. Whether their selections were pressured or openly made, they did not make the right decisions to reach their dreams.


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