Of Mice and Men George Milton Essay

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George Milton is actually a complex figure from the storia, Of Rodents and Males, by David Steinbeck. He travels together with his long time partner, Lennie Small since Lennie is unable to take care of himself.

He has no family and spends his days functioning as a hacienda hand. Inside the novella, the protagonist George is a great authoritative, resentful, yet incredibly compassionate persona. George’s respected nature can be evident constitute the start of the novella.

His partner Lennie is definitely small oriented and often acts like a child. Therefore , George must be very direct to make sure that Lennie is aware of and can consider orders so that there will not be virtually any problems or perhaps confusion. In the beginning of the novella Lennie holds around a deceased mouse and George must scowl him to get him to give it up. “You gonna give me that mouse button or do i have to sock you? ” (Steinbeck 8). George functions like a dad to Lennie because he must, Lennie would not know any better and needs that parental just like guidance.

As a result of George’s authoritative nature and giving up part of his life to maintain Lennie, he could be often exacerbated. George enjoys Lennie nevertheless he is a constant nuisance to him. When ever George gets frustrated he expresses his true thoughts about his life. “… God a’mighty, if I was alone I possibly could live so easy…” (Steinbeck 11).

George feels that if Lennie was not around and if he did not have to care for him, he would manage to live an improved life. When George gets annoyed with Lennie, his irritable quality becomes apparent

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