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The characters Candies, Crooks, and Curley’s Partner all display loneliness and isolation. By simply creating and describing these kinds of characters, Steinbeck is exhibiting the reader significance in the characteristics of these three characters and how it can get a new story and the characters in it.

Sweets demonstrates the theme of solitude throughout the entire novella. In addition he works towards different characters in the novella. For example , he was simply close to his dog ahead of he attained George and Lennie and he was thus eager to meet them and make friends.

Additionally , Candy appears desperate if the outlook to be part of Lennie and George’s dream of the little farm pops up, he says, “And they give myself two hundred and fifty us dollars ’cause My spouse and i lost me. An’ I managed to get fifty more saved up right in the financial institution right now.

Which three hundred¦ This reveals he’s ready to give every cent to participate in up with them and their dream and isolation has made him desperate.

Candy likewise had a close relationship together with his dog. After his dog was shot, it was almost referred to as if it was Candy that got taken. As your canine was being accomplished, Candy set in bed and stayed silent. The dog and its weakness is known as a symbolism Steinbeck used to out-do Candy great missing palm. Candy’s loneliness affects George and Lennie and alters the dream to a three man thing rather than George and Lennie.

Thieves the secure buck can be described as primary sort of loneliness through this novella. Elegance towards Crooks turns him into an aloof, faraway, and depressed man. The boys on the ranch isolate and taunt Crooks. For example , the moment Lennie strolls in Thieves room Criminals says, “You got not any right to can be found in my area. This below is my area. Nobody received any correct in right here but me.  Thieves is isolating himself from everyone which includes Lennie and wants to always be aloof. He also states, “S’pose you didn’t have nobody.

S’pose you couldn’t go into the bunk house and play rummy ’cause you was dark-colored. How’d you enjoy that? S’pose you had to sit down out here an’ read books. Be certain to could enjoy horseshoes right up until it received dark, but you got to read books. Ebooks ain’t no good. A guy demands somebody-to be near him. A guy goes nuts if perhaps he isn’t got no person. Don’t help to make no big difference who the guy is, long’s he’s with you. I actually tell en este momento, I tell ya some guy gets too lonely an’ he gets sick.  Here Thieves expresses his loneliness and how he is a great outcast for the rest of the staff on the hacienda. Hisloneliness is from splendour of his African American skin tone.

Portrayed simply by Curley, Curley’s Wife is definitely the loneliest persona on the ranch that actually Steinbeck will not give her a identity. She is that unimportant and uninteresting when compared to rest of the personas in the storia. Sneaking around and annoying everyone and seeking attention, causing trouble around the ranch, and total she is undesirable by the staff on the ranch. In the storia, she states that she’s lonely before her loss of life. She states these rates to Lennie, “I under no circumstances get to talk to nobody. I actually get terrible lonely. , “What’s the matter with me? Isn’t I got an appropriate to talk to no person? , and “Seems like they ain’t not one of those cares how I gotta live. 

Steinbeck describes isolation and isolation in Of Mice and Men in the three personas Candy, Crooks, and Curley’s Wife. Steinbeck shows someone how this may affect and alter the tale and the heroes in that using the literary elements. Quotations and facts from the storia support Steinbeck’s theme of solitude. These three characters in the novella match the idea perfect.


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