Okonkwo as Morally Ambiguous Character Essay

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“Things Fall Apart” by Chinua Achebe describes tribal existence in the jungles of Africa and speaks about Ibo community ahead of the arrival of the white gentleman. The main personality of the tale, Okonkwo, can be defined as morally ambiguous because, on the other hand, he is a male of greatness, although, on the other hand, such attributes as assault and gender discrimination happen to be inherent to him. Certain aspects of novel, because, for example , his suicide at the conclusion, show that his personality is of uncertain nature. Meaningful ambiguity is very important for the overall theme of the story as mcdougal is happy to prove that people are very rarely simply good or perhaps evil.

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Hence, Achebe will create heroes that are even more applicable to get the readers, never to create moral standing pictures. (Leach, l. 1053) Okonkwo is morally dynamic persona. On the one hand, he is sensitive to his family members, children and friends, but , on the other hand, he attempts to rebel his father demonstrating the tendency to violence and power of physical strength. The writer shows that his character is definitely developed by the problem he is offered. Thus, the smoothness has to respond to swiftly changing situations and to act based on them.

Initially of the publication we see that Okonkwo is respected and he is pleased with his achievement. He functions hard to his aim to become abundant and popular. He is a person of great physical and moral strength.

The void of moral unconformity arises, once Okonkwo just discards his father not respecting and following the characteristics he shows. Lack of self-discovery and meaning resolution reveals ambiguous nature of the persona. (Noromele, 200) The main persona flaw is definitely presented simply by Achebe as: “But his whole life was dominated simply by fear, the fear of inability and of weakness…It was not external but place deep within himself. It had been the fear of himself, however he should be found to resemble his father”. (Achebe, p. 13) Okonkwo’s glare about tribal order, loved ones and interpersonal status provide evidence that Ibo world associates men only with strength.

Okonkwo’s son by simply his first wife is usually described as a woman-like as being a serious offend. After Ikemefuna’s death main hero can’t understand his sorrow requesting himself: “When did you feel a shivering old woman? ” (Achebe, p. 62) The fear not to become vulnerable makes Okonkwo work hard gathering material possessions and justifying his male organ – great harvest, wives and recognizes. His fear suppresses him to express the energy of compassion, gentles, empathy and empathy. Instead, this individual refers to violence to escape by frustrated thoughts.

For example , this individual prefers “wrestling during his youth and later becoming a distinguished warrior”. (Achebe, p. 69) Achebe shows that Okonkwo can be man of action rather than a man of thought. Okonkwo earns admiration of villages due to his violence, nevertheless he doesn’t realize that violence will business lead him to moral damage, exile and ultimate fatality. Achebe demonstrates that Okonkwo’s fear for being weak and fragile makes him make numerous atteinte against interpersonal laws in community. Okonkwo beats his third better half during the Weak of Peacefulness as the week is definitely dedicated to the planet earth goddess Ani.

Achebe creates that Okonkwo “is certainly not the man to stop beating someone half-way through, not even intended for fear of goddess”. (Achebe, l. 30) Okonkwo thinks that showing personal strength values more than displaying deference to goddess. The turning point in the story is when Okonkwo kills a new clansman at the funeral. He can exiled pertaining to seven years. When Okonkwo returns to his town, he sees the presence of white-colored men and establishment of the new regulation.

Instead of being supported for taking revenge, Okonkwo faces reluctance and doubt realizing that the spirit of clan can be dead. Summing up, Okonkwo is morally ambiguous personality presented like a man of greatness, although being prepared to violate cultural and attract wealth. Okonkwo performs hard to be rich and famous, but he allows violence and intolerance to justify his manhood.

It truly is Okonkwo’s anxiety about weakness that leads him to moral damage. In the end Okonkwo faces what he anxieties the most – weakness and inability to take action. In the picture of Okonkwo the writer shows that you will find no solely good or evil personalities.

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