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Ahead of the shipwreck Oliver Queen was obviously a billionaire playboy who out dated many women and was very irresponsible. So , how can a guy like that become a superhero who would like to bring justice to his city? As much superheroes before him, every thing began with an disturbing event.

Oliver countries on the island Lian Yu. Generally there, Oliver begins to learn a large amount of survival abilities which he can use when he returns to city. He manages to come back home but he basically the same guy that this individual once was. Hereby we state that leaders aren’t born yet made through training and experience.

After several things he made it through, somehow, he managed this to get back home again where he became kind and observant to others. During all the episodes he is haunted by the thoughts of his experiences on the island and decides not to discuss them with any person. To prize his dad’s wishes, Oliver becomes a vigilante. John Diggle and Felicity Smoak assist Oliver in his crusade. During his combat against the bad, he misplaced his best friend in an surge and this made him choose to stop eliminating the crooks but to guard the citizens from them.

At this point I asked myself, how come he started to be so chilly and handling? Do his emotional scars run because deep because the physical scars on his body? The answer then is very complex. He confirmed the same symptoms as those who originated in the warfare. Oliver suffered with insomnia, disturbing dreams and the constant feeling of sense of guilt. He became hyperactive, taken care of immediately every single criminal offenses alert inside the city. Fundamentally, he wanted to help everybody so that the feeling of guilt decreases. After he came back, using the to avoid everybody because he failed to want to talk about the things this individual went through as he was frightened that people would see him with other eyes, as damaged. He assumed that having been responsible for the deaths of all people this individual knew starting from his father, the sister of his ex-fiancee, his best friend and so forth.

Oliver fits perfectly with his delivered traits. He can socially beneficial, and this individual always attempts to do the perfect for the culture. He is incredibly responsible, arranged and decided. He reveals the characteristic of conscientiousness because just before every fight with someone this individual prepares him self, he collaborates with his fellow workers to get as many information’s as possible in order that he is aware what this individual gets into. This individual shows that dr. murphy is the leader from the crew when he says something to Felicity or perhaps John and he desires them to pay attention to him and to do what he said. If we consider the Maslow’s pecking order, we can find Oliver for the third level which is love/belonging because he does not care much about appreciate. Oliver a new chance as of yet Felicity but instead this individual said that he couldn’t focus on that and being Arrow at the same time. So , basically, he made a decision to focus only on being the Arrow.

This individual shows the characteristics of neuroticism during the attacks because he has up and downs in his social interactions, is energetic and provides mood swings. An example is the event where he found that his sister (she was drugged) killed Sara and without considering, impulsed, he goes to deal with the person who also drugged her. He reveals extroversion as they assumes management roles which is a cultural person.

If we go back to the statement that a head is certainly not born but made through training and experience, we come to the point where we are able to discuss his own skills. Oliver Queen is an expert in acrobatics which is a great archer. He can take 29 arrows per minute. He is also very brilliant because he contains a lot of different arrows which usually he made alone like in example the bomb-arrow. Although he individuals ARGUS this individual became an excellent sniper too. Oliver has great endurance skills, when he was educated on the island how you can survive inside the wild. His skills kept him his life most of the time. In addition to his fighting techinques, Oliver is also mentally a very intelligent person. He talks more than 10 languages fluently at a native level including Chinese language, Mandarin, Japanese, Arabic, Russian etc ..

I would say that his persona can be explained very well employing every single theory which we all studied due to his different personality. Hereby I would like to conclude this conventional paper with saying this is probably the very best series I ever observed and that the character of Oliver Queen Aka Arrow reveals the best how a leader will need to behave and just how a leader should build a romance with his co workers.

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