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Omnivores Dilemma

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Factory Farming, Morality, And Vegetarianism

Among the list of shocking information linked to the issue of factory farming – in addition to the daunting practice of cattle crammed into give food to lots “shoulder to shoulder knee deep in their very own excrement” – is that just about every second of every day approximately 650 pets or animals are killed (Henning, 2011). Moreover, Henning reports more than 56 billion pets are killed annually and while this global blood-letting delivers food for the meaty tastes of millions of people, at the same time the “overconsumption of pet meat” may be the number one source of “both malnourishment and overweight and the distributed of infectious disease” (64). This paper delves in to the moral morass of modern-day factory farming strategies and points to the many reasons why factory-produced meat is definitely unhealthy, and why it can be ethical and honorable to abstain from eating animal meat also to eat nutritious vegetarian foods instead.


The unconscionably cruel and inhumane conditions on today’s factory facilities must be condemned by culture; in time these types of farms has to be eliminated and the public must be knowledgeable as to the meaningful value and nutritional benefits from vegetarianism.

Trouble I

In spite of that the mass production of meat in factory farms creates cheap red meat and feeds thousands of people, slaughtering huge amounts of animals following raising them in terrible and sickening condition is definitely immoral, bad, and unsatisfactory.

Author Jordan Pollan’s book The Omnivore’s Dilemma refers to the terrible reality of factory farms as “Concentrated Animal Nourishing Operations” (CAFO). And while he admits that there is “economic logic” for the corporations that raise and slaughter bovine, pigs, and chickens during these frightening circumstances, the “biological logic” lurking behind the process is definitely “not so compelling” as the CAFOs generate “polluted normal water and air, toxic wastes, novel and deadly pathogens” (Pollan, 2006, 67). Additionally , Pollan constitutes a point of showing that meat enjoyed from corn-fed cows is “demonstrably significantly less healthy for us” than meat coming from cows that had been fed on grasses. A lot of empirical study uncovered by simply Pollan demonstrates that corn-fed beef contains significantly less Omega-3 fat and far more saturated body fat, and over loaded fat is recognized to clog arterial blood vessels and trigger heart problems.

In addition, because hammer toe is cheap, and it fattens up the bovine quickly, it’s the main software program of CAFO-raised cows. Yet , Pollan calls the mass feeding of corn a “biological absurdity” because traditionally animals have got adopted by simply natural assortment to the habit of ingesting grasses; but today they are fed corn “for no additional reason than it offers the least expensive calories around” (68). Corn is one of the causes in this CAFO drama and is also employed in “considerable cost” to the overall health of the animal, “to the healthiness of the property and ultimately to the overall health of their eaters” (Pollan, 68).

On page sixty six of his scholarly conventional paper Henning remarks the irony in the fact that

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