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The web is becoming an opportunity to get the online marketers to add value to products. The phenomenal progress and rising of the popularity of the internet and the World Wide Web has changed into a key to attract more consumers and businesses to engage the advantages of Electronic Trade (E-commerce). This E-commerce can be sited every form of business transaction in which the parties communicate electronically rather than by physical exchanges or direct physical contact (Aldin, Brehmer & Johansson, 2004).

This has changed the traditional trade and enhanced sales and exchanges of merchandise and information. Not necessarily just viewed as single entity of technology but a combination of technologies in which applications, procedures, business tactics are necessary to do business electronically.

The of goods and services while using click of any mouse is usually changing a global setting. It is essential for businesses to know just how can they entice customers to their website, employ them to turn into paying clients and also retain them in returning to your internet site.

On the web communications tactics used to accomplish goals of brand name awareness, understanding and favorability and to effect purchase objective by pushing users of digital multimedia to visit a website to engage together with the brand or product and ultimately to purchase online or perhaps offline through traditional multimedia channels including by mobile phone or in-store (Chaffey, 2009). In the Korea, e-commerce is mainly being implemented by main retailers and multinational corporations for bank-to-bank exchange.

Several Business-to-consumer deals have emerged through the years just like auctions, online shopping, and online banking (Lacson, Pasadilla, 2006). This merely shows that Filipino businesses everyone should be open this new opportunity in selling items since 16% of the population is applying Internet. The brand new marketing strategy is not going to benefit these big companies although also the small businesses who have cannot afford to market their products. Simply by creating a internet site in a very cost-effective cost tends to make the business grow in terms of sales and enhance the firm image as well.

As summer time is fast approaching, everyone wants to relax and spend good time with their along with have fun as well. One of these rest sessions that will come in head is trip, nature-tripping and swimming.

Eden Spring Vacation resort was designed to be to get private only use. Family events, special occasion plus some invited relatives friends. But as the time exceeded, they designed it and made it a company, a Hotel, and as this kind of resort started out, many people may it be community or overseas appreciated beauty of the resort. The nature, the view, the fresh air, the calm and quite environment enticed them a great deal that they wish to come back and bring significant people from to enjoy precisely the same experience that they can had.

Once their organization started, we found out that the personnel in the Eden Spring Resort they are using a manual reservation each and every time they have customers. we observe that the user’s of the resort are having a hard time on how to arranged the vacation resort like birthday parties, weddings, family re-union and different types of occasions. And so our pitch is about the internet based reservation of Eden Spring Holiday resort. Through this research, we may be able to ensure that the resort inside the enhancement of their business to make sure that they have many costumers and also they could have an organized filing from the different ventures.


Through this research study, we may have the ability to help the hotel in their business and also to provide a hassle-free booking for their customers. The aspects that are related to this research are the structured filing of reservations made by the customers, the amount of the administrators’ computer literacy, assisting the management from the resort to manage to attain an easy and organized operation and procedures, to provide a dependable and accessible booking system that may ensure their clients a good service, the availability of managing staff with related teaching and understanding in modern day information technology that will periodically update and improve service provider capability to sustain an excellent and trustworthy internet connection. This study looks for to answer the following:

1 . Exactly what are the possible transactions of the Eden Springtime Resort which can be improved making use of the online booking?

2 . Exactly what are the required information requirements of Eden Spring Vacation resort in terms of:

installment payments on your 1 . Checking-In and out ofguests to rooms;

2 . 2 . Reservation of different types of occasion (Birthdays, Weddings, Wedding anniversary etc . ).

3. Exactly what are the popularity level of the developed online reservation of Eden Spring Resort when it comes to:

3. 1 . Perceive of usefulness and

3. installment payments on your Perceive of ease of use?


Nowadays, computer plays an important role in our life, most especially to folks that are having their business. There are the individuals who will profit on our research study: Owner. They will offer an organized document with a complete data that they will be required in the concerns. Employees. Their work will probably be much easier and faster.

Present Researchers. This kind of study can help them develop and enhance their knowledge that they may have learned and skills that they experience. This will likely also served as one of their particular requirements in passing this kind of level. Foreseeable future Researchers. This will serve as all their additional guide for their research.


This study is targeted on the online reservation of the Eden Spring Holiday resort. The experts will interview the owner as well as the employees, and in addition we can give some questionnaires so that we are able to gather information’s that we will need. This study will be executed in the Eden Spring Holiday resort, located in Sitio Tab-ang, Barangay Pagatban, Bayawan Town, Negros Asian Philippines which study is restricted only for the season 2014″2015. The respondent of the study would be the owner and the employees of the said vacation resort.


Electronic Commerce (E-commerce) ” commonly known as E-commerce or internet commerce, is trading in services or products using computer networks, including the Internet. Digital Data Interchange (EDI) ” is an electronic communicationsystem providing you with standards intended for exchanging data via virtually any electronic means.


The assumptive framework with this study will be anchored on the Rapid app development (RAD) of Wayne Martin (1991). Rapid program development (RAD) is a respond to processes produced in the 1970s and 1980s, like the Structured Devices Analysis and Design Approach and other Design models. One of the problems with these types of methodologies is they were based over a traditional engineering model used to design and build things like links and complexes. Software is an inherently different kind of creature. Software may radically change the entire procedure used to solve a problem. Because of this knowledge gained from the expansion process alone can feed back to certain requirements and type of the solution. The waterfall strategy to this was to rigidly establish the requirements and the plan to put into action them and still have a process that discouraged becomes either.

The modern RAD strategies on the other hand acknowledged that computer software development was obviously a knowledge intensive process and sought to produce flexible techniques that could take full advantage of knowledge obtained over the existence of the task and employ that understanding to transform the solution. (Martin, 1991) While Shown in figure you there are 4 phases in RAD, they may be: Requirements Preparing Phase, customer design stage, construction and cutover. Requirements planning stage combines components of the system planning and devices analysis stages of the Systems Development Your life Cycle (SDLC). Users, managers, and THAT staff members discuss and agree with business needs, project scope, constraints, and system requirements. It ends when the group agrees for the key issues and gets management documentation to continue.

Throughout the User design and style phase, users interact with systems analysts and develop types and representative models that symbolize all program processes, inputs, and outputs. User Design and style is a constant interactive method that allows users to understand, improve, and eventually approve a working model of the system that meets their demands. The third stage is Construction phase which focuses on program and app development activity. In LISTA, however , users continue to take part and can even now suggest improvements or advancements as genuine screens or perhaps reports happen to be developed. Their tasks are programming and application expansion, coding, unit-integration and system testing.

The very last phase is usually cutover stage. Thisphase appears like the final jobs in the SDLC implementation phase, including data conversion, testing, changeover for the new program, and user training. Compared to traditional methods, the entire procedure is pressurized. As a result, the brand new system is constructed, delivered, and placed in operation much faster. This approach will assist us in developing our bodies that will help the Eden Spring Resort inside their online bookings.

FIGURE one particular: Theoretical Platform of the Analyze


Instead of using manual program that can result in a huge system of data using file pantry of which is time consuming to get the employees in looking and finding a certain record. The research workers therefore suggest the use of a program which will help the management when it comes to their deals. The conceptual framework from the Online Booking of Eden Spring Vacation resort is provided below. The first period is the requirements planning phase, the first thing the researchers will perform is to identify the different orders of the Eden Spring Hotel. However , the researchers previously observe the common problems take place in their current system prior to the actual examine begins. As a result of problems identified, the researchers proposed a process that will help them. After the researchers recognized the different complications and the different transactions, the researchers can identify the needed requirements on every purchase to be utilization in developing a program.

The researchers will also interview the owner and the employees to learn how all their transactions will be being carried out. The second phase is a user style phase, the knowledge that the will probably be gathered in the requirements planning phase to be used in making the consumer design of the program. The information accumulated will be the angles in deciding the inputs and outputs of the program. Researchers will likely include the stream of the details so that users will be guided upon utilizing it. The third period is the construction phase; the researchers will start creating the system for the device and documenting as well. The documentation will certainly serve as helpful information on how to utilize the system.

Program testing will be done likewise while from this phase. Users can advise some alterations or advancements while the product is being developed. The last stage or the on phase may be the cutover period, researchers will letthe users test this software to observe several errors and eliminate them to make the program work successfully and to meet the needs of the user. Users can still advise some improvements or improvements while the strategy is being examined. After will probably be tested without more problems or bugs were identified, the system will now ready for deployment.

FIGURE two: Conceptual Construction of the Analyze


The usage of the Internet in the commercial world has turned into a major trend in practice and generated a hot stream of study in the recent literature. The Internet, as a variety of interconnected computer networks, supplies free changing of information. Above 400 countless computers or more than 500, 000 sites worldwide today are communicating with each other (Napier, Judd, Estuaries and rivers, and Wagner, 2001). As such, the Internet has been becoming a highly effective channel for business marketing and connection (Palmer, 1999), and for new business opportunities ” as it is often called as “e-business or “e-commerce today (Schneider & Perry, 2001). This new e-business or e-commerce electronic marketplace permits small firms competing with business leaders by just possessing a better internet presentation of their products/services.

Beneath the same influx, online consumers can enjoy a wider choice of products or services, even more competitive prices, and to be able to buy their favorite items/services from your sellers located thousands a long way away. It offers communication among consumers and companies and through Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), buyers and sellers can exchange standard business transactions including invoices or purchase orders with remarkable ease. The role of website quality in attracting online bookings and empirically test all their proposed model with potential lodging customers. Authors indicate that details completeness and ease of use are very important determinants of website top quality. (Jeong ainsi que al. 2005) According to the examine of flight reservation system, airfare reservation systems above attributes like information top quality, system make use of, system quality, services quality, and consumer loyalty. Their results present that North American-based websites outperform Asian-based ones. (Law and Leung 2002)

The internet booking inside the hospitality sector (includingHotel/motel, air carriers, travels plans, etc . ) is elevating at a very rapid velocity recently, specifically at the decrease rate end. (Deegan & Horan, 2003) The resort industry is unquestionably full aware about this craze and fully willing to add its reveal in this effort. In fact , the industry offers realized that during those early on forays in to cyberspace, the industry don’t view e-booking strategically (many hotels basically considered on-line room bookings at the time as a way to pick up additional business selling off distressed inventory through all those online travel around agencies), and handed over a lot of control of products on hand and pricing to those other online travel around agencies. Today the sector is in the unenviable position of trying to get back the reins after early shopping patterns have been set up. While the pressure to sell all their inventory bedrooms online will probably be continuing, the industry has developed its fresh online strategy aiming to get a better grip on this emerging promoting channel. (Jiaqin Yang, January Flynn & Krista Anderson) Online resort reservations are becoming a very popular way of booking rooms in hotels.

Travelers can easily book rooms from home by utilizing online protection to protect their very own privacy and financial details and by using several online travel agents to compare rates and features at diverse hotels. People can book directly on a person hotel’s site. An increasing number of resorts are building their own websites to allow them to market their hotels directly to consumers. Non-franchise chain hotels need a “booking engine application to be attached to the website to permit individuals to book rooms in real time. 1 advantage of reserving with the hotel directly is definitely the use of the hotel’s full cancellation coverage as well as not needing downpayment in most situations. (John Burns) According to Stuart analyze entitled “International Reservations Devices ” Their particular Strategic and Operational Ramifications for great britain Hotel Industry, presented information on the method and results of the investigation in the role and influence of international reservations systems inside the UK hotel industry.

Your research comprised 3 questionnaire studies of the utilization of computer concerns systems and distribution companies by UK hotels. They were analyzed and produced a sign of general use of devices and the contribution which these kinds of currently generate to lodge groups and consortia. The work also included a study of advancements in gain access to methods and changes in buyer behavior because observed by representatives of computer reservation anddistribution system, travel agency, hotel representation and intermediary firms. (Stuart 1995)

According to this study, the system allows everyone to do their particular booking on-line by all of them self. A few of task the system can do are providing a query for arriving date and the length of keeping, providing the amount of On areas, view every available rooms and provides customer the ability to select one or more of these, recording the quantity of on areas, view most available rooms and provides the consumer the ability to select one or more of those, recording kind of guests and how many gonna be in the only room, featuring the cost of arranging, asking you if they really want additional assistance; such as, meal or breakfast, storing the guests detail; just like, name, treat and phone, asking an individual for affirmation, final confirmation views together with the detail of booking plus the guests may review or cancel the booking. (Louw, Door Janne, 2006) 658 Apartelle On-line Reservation Program, short term basic lodging is an essential reason that the hotel has become established.

Inside the Philippines, wherein many overseas people go and have a vacation, hotel is always their first destination to acquire relaxation once very long hours of travel within an airplane. Due to rapid increase of and also the visiting the Korea for a holiday, a common view is the institutions ad advanced hotels pertaining to competitive benefit. The 658 Apartelle Online Reservation Management is not only a database for guest list but as well an online booking system, where potential guests can have got online reservation which will immediately be provided for the database of the 658 Apartelle. Based upon the proponent’s observation and interview, they may have found many problems such as time consuming logging of the guests list labels to the record book, difficulties in making concerns and troubles in locating information on all their previous guests because of the papers that are existing everywhere and misplacing of the guestless records. (Bituin Abi, August 2010)

A holiday resort is a place used for rest or entertainment, where visitors are getting attracted to have their getaway or holiday. It refers to places, villages or occasionally commercial establishments operated with a single organization. On the other hand, a hotel is differentiated because an establishment that provides paid lodging on the short-term basis. Computer developers are consistently developing a systemapplication to better provide resort or hotel friends because some hotels and resorts have become fully automated while others remain striving for the similar establishing. The experts introduce a “LAN-Based Reservation with Payment System for Hacienda Favor Resort and Hotel to further improve its reservation and billing system. The advent of new-technology gave climb to simple hassle-free discussion between and among humans. This is why many hotel and resorts want to employ computerization in their business. (Lagman, Sept 2012)


It includes exploration design, exploration environment, study respondents, and data gathering procedure, analysis instrument and statistical take care of the study.

Research Design

The researchers used the descriptive method when the employees as well as the owner will be the respondents in the Eden Early spring Resort. This method will be used in acquiring the response from the questionnaire and interview because the main equipment in gathering the desired data that is essential for the study and getting the replies of the participants regarding the details for the development of the online reservation of Eden Spring Hotel.

Research Environment

This examine was executed at the Eden Spring Holiday resort that was located in the Sitio Tab-ang, Barangay Pagatban, Bayawan Town, Negros Oriental Philippines. The owners of the establishment happen to be Mr. Dominador Torillo Ortaliz also known as Dennis and Mrs. Elizabeth Nodado Ortaliz also called Beth. Eden was a mixture of the names with the owners, At the and Dennis. They started constructing the Eden Springtime Resort in mid of February nevertheless they started their particular business in June 14, 2012.

Study Respondent

The particular owner and the personnel will act as our surveys takers of our study. They are the one who will be often using the program.

Data Gathering Procedures

After asking agreement to the owner of the organization, we will be providing the questionnaires to the owner and the employee, we will also conduct an interview to these people about different problems came across by the resort.

Research Devices

The instrument used by the researchers to gather the information’s needed may be the questionnaires. The questionnaires prefer gather some data to the management from the resort regarding the current reservation or several transactions made by the Eden Spring Vacation resort.

Statistical Take care of the Study

This research study uses weighted imply formula in determining the acceptance degree of the developed computerized documenting system.


WX = weighted mean

n = consistency

back button = values

in = total number of respondents


This study could have (2) parts. Part you contains the Thesis write up which will consists of 3 (3) chapters. Chapter I presents the problem and range of the examine. This includes the Rationale of the Study, Affirmation of the Difficulty, Significance of the Study, Scope and Constraint of the Examine, Definition of Conditions, the Theoretical Framework of the Study and its particular Schematic Plan, Conceptual Framework of the Analyze and its Schematic Diagram. Additionally, it discusses even more on the Review of Related Literary works and studies of the analysis problem. That explained the investigation methodology, which comprises the investigation Design, Study Locale, Research Respondents, Analysis Instruments, Info Gathering Procedure, and Corporation of the Research.

Chapter 2 includes the Presentation and Analysis in the Data Accumulated from the participants. The Data had been presented in tabular form which were evaluate and utilized as basis were effects can be sketched.

Chapter 3 was the overview of Results, Conclusion, and Recommendation, and after that the program style.

Part a couple of contains the System Design, Circulation Chart, Info Dictionary, and SystemRequirements.


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