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Internet technology

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Nowadays, Technology is continuously evolving and it is getting more advanced. Technological progression and growth makes the world become more remarkably modernized because different creations, innovations and inventions are made. Adapting these kinds of technological developments, contributes a whole lot of benefits in various fields and one of those fields is the organization particularly the hostipal wards. Hospital is an establishment which provides care to people who may have illnesses. That plays a huge role in the community where people run to it whenever they have medical problems.

Hospitals enhance improvement of community well being service by providing high quality healthcare services that help those people who need good and effective services.

Different private hospitals in the world aims at giving the best medical companies that they need to satisfy their clients and through the use of technology they are able to make it possible. In Tanzania, the Health Management Information System was set up in 2006 to be use in hospitals in the Evangelica Lutheran Church Tanzania (ELCT).

By using the Wellness Management Info System software, hospitals can simply collect, retail store and assess the data of patients. (IICD. (2010, 06 29).

Progress Management System to get Health facility ” Tanzania. Retrieved February 8, 2011, from http://www.iicd.org/projects/tanzania-health-management-system) In Cotabato, the regional health official Dr . Edgardo R. Sandig introduced a computerized Clinic Operation Administration Information Program, to monitor the outbreak of disease in a specific area in the province and the ones people who are publicly stated in the hospital will be offered immediate attention and solution. (dela Jones, E, W. ( 2006, October 6). South Cotabato IPHO intensifies campaign upon dengue.

Philippine Information Agency.


Online Buying System

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The influx associated with an online placing your order system significantly affected what tends to be required for a matter from the blink of your eye. An internet ordering program permits a buyer to submit on the web orders intended for items and/or services from a store that serves equally walk-in buyers and online customers. The online shopping system presents a web based display of your order cutoff time and an associated delivery window for items selected by the consumer. The system allows the customer’s submission of your purchase order pertaining to the item. This section deals with the summary of the thesis. This kind of thesis is about Online Buying for Green Magic it is include the item name, value and style. In this thesis also include how to order it.

2012, 12). Local Related Literature On the web Ordering System.


Placing your order Online Program

Technology is the making, usage and knowledge of tools, tactics, crafts, devices or techniques of organization in order to solve problems or serve some purpose. Nowadays, persons introduce fresh technologies that facilitate these people in every aspect in life, producing life much easier. Compared to technologies we had just before, it is really near utilize fresh ones for they have endless features. Just like the way of educating before and nowadays, professors use manila papers, cartolina, etc . The even use chalks or table markers intended for teachings but when the experts discovered that both of the said equipment for instructing are harmful because of the chemical content, the experts warned individuals to find substitute ways of teaching. Since we could in the age of new technology, they identified the best way of teaching by associated computers in education.


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