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Excerpt from Admission Essay:

University of Southern California- Annenberg Put in Online Communities

One of many obvious reasons for having society today is an elevated tendency to maneuver online some of the activities that have been not generally treated in this manner. The traditional form of interaction, which implied the immediate interaction between individuals or, at most, an interaction via the telephone or maybe a printed material (letter, brochure) has now turn into almost outdated. The online presents so many advantages, primarily like the speed of deliver and reception in the message and the diversity and potential outreach.

These within communication have translated in new approaches in marketing and advertising. More and more, firms have become increasingly active on social platforms, not only with the aim to promote goods and companies, but also to understand even more about the consumers, about their needs, requirements and aspirations.

With this in mind, being ready to function effectively in this energetic environment also to understand the new way in which organization is done has turned into a necessity. Social websites and social networks are much higher than a present trend: they are the truth towards which will society is going to continue to move, as more business and even more activities is going to move on-line.

As such, I have decided to apply for the Annenberg Program upon Online Communities, a fantastic opportunity for me personally to increase beyond the present phase and to build on the things i have already accumulated and obtained so far.

The first argument for me in favour of the Annenberg Program about Online Communities is related to my background and my career objectives over the medium and long conditions. Throughout college, I have proved helpful as an intern for several companies and organizations, concentrating on marketing social websites. As a promoting social media business strategist for the past years (since 2012), We planned, executed and preserved social media devices, including SEO, SEM and blogs. We worked as being a marketing social websites business strategist for Bonesta Swimwear, in Istanbul, Poultry, and for Designer’s House and Scholasphere in Los Angeles. All of these experiences allowed me to better learn how online communities operate, what the new social marketing styles are and how all these fresh instruments hook up stakeholders.

Again this history, I see me as carrying on in the same field and my academics direction objectives these aims. I was currently a small business and Administrative Undergraduate scholar in USC, in the Marshall Business University. The academic programs I have taken in these area are great for

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