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Net technology

* Precisely what are the advantages of using videoconferencing technologies? Exactly what the drawbacks?

* Precisely what is telepresence and what kinds of companies are best suited to use it as a sales and marketing communications tool?

5. What kinds of corporations could benefit from using videoconferencing? Are there any companies that might not derive virtually any benefits from this technology?


1 . Simple introduction about videoconferencing 2 . Advantages and Drawbacks three or more. Telepresence and who should use it? 5. Who should certainly use videoconferencing? 5. Realization 6. Sources

What is videoconferencing?

Virtual conversation has become the tradition for quite a few establishments.

As technology provides progressed, some distance obstacles have softened. Videoconferencing “that is a huge part in online communication- is conducting a conference between two or more individuals that are present in different geographical areas by using telecommunication systems. It is a form of videotelephony that uses audio and video transmissions to bring people for different sites together. It was launched in the early 1970s in the USA by AT&T Corporation. Nowadays, it really is growing at an annual level of thirty percent.

Many companies are using this, and those whom are not include thought and/or thinking of obtaining videoconferencing solutions. So what are the pros and cons to get using this function of interaction?

Pros and Cons

New benefits of applying this IT option seem to develop each day. Right now more than ever, videoconferencing helps lessen travel as well as costs and increase productivity. It simply provides an added benefit and a competitive benefit to businesses. In fact , various firms use this service to get the primary purpose of financial savings. Employees can easily attend group meetings online regardless of location, without having to pay for flight tickets and without the headache of traveling. In addition, it is easy to work with. Steps fantastic simple: get access, attend the meeting, then leave. No more dealing with secureness lines for airports. It only takes a computer, a webcam and an internet connection. It is a one on one experience instead of just an auditory one, producing the get in touch with more personal. It allows users to communicate anytime and anywhere. Additionally , it will help construct better affiliations with suppliers, customers and even potential employees prior to meeting with all of them in person.

As well, employees can work at home when conducting assemblies with other colleagues through videoconferencing. Furthermore, celebrate equal opportunities in the workplace. Actually, physically-challenged persons have better access to the virtual environment than the physical workplace, and this will create more diverse teams, and foster greater creativity and innovation. However, this function is green in a kind that it decreases our carbon footprint, considering that the air travel as well as the vehicle uses are lowered. This THAT solution presents to consumers face to face. Fulfill together just like you were inside the same area, and help save the planet ” who didn’t want to do that? But then again, though videoconferencing has many benefits to offer, it also features certain constraints. Disadvantages happen to be logistical, yet also deep-rooted.

Videoconferencing positions countless technical and logistical problems, including scheduling, dealing with time gaps, and facing software pests. Time zone boundaries are an concern that is often encountered. Schooling and technological expertise are usually an barrier, since many users are not seriously familiar with this kind of technology, therefore they can’t say for sure how to find their way videoconferencing. Too, many social challenges exist. Social occurrence is taken away which impedes trust and integrity, which are both crucial for an efficient virtual team’s success. Also, the lack of correct databases and people train to scheme knowledge is more prone to result in an info overload. Additionally , the receivers in a videoconference may sometimes deduce that they are not significant enough to deserve the price of face-to-face time.

To telepresence or not to telepresence?

Telepresence is “the top quality videoconferencing technology. The term “telepresence was firstly used by the US scientist Marvin Minsky in 1980 to shape his vision for the more created version of teleoperation that focused on giving a participant a feeling of being present at another type of location. It is just a virtual experience meeting just like no various other that give you the feeling that they can actually are in the same space thanks to a combination of technology components (such being a whiteboard, projected, etc . ) and environmental design. Telepresence uses high-definition audio and video. It truly is more user-friendly than classic videoconferencing. Companies like Gresca, HP and Polycom are definitely the players in this field. It is major drawback is that it is quite expensive (if we want a trusted telepresence endpoint solution) and never all agencies can afford this. Actually, a fully-equipped telepresence room costs $500, 500.

Even though telepresence is expensive, its recognition is elevating. Casting corporations can use it in order to season casting talents who also are present in a far area, without having to fly them in. Moreover, big schools or perhaps universities can benefit largely by a telepresence system, for a lot of purposes, among them having a lecturer who as well gives classes in a university overseas. Besides, it has become essential for lodge chains to obtain at least one telepresence room that customers can easily rent. Also, it is very beneficial for hospitals or medical centers, where doctors can give details about some individual or even talk about their understanding and competence during a surgical treatment.

Who benefits from videoconferencing?

While videoconferencing increases in recognition, more and more industries are making usage of it. Therefore , the top industries that reap the benefits of it will be architecture companies, educational institutions, the medical domains, as well as lodge chains, financial institutions, etc . With videoconferencing, money are kept, and performance and production are increased. The areas of telemedicine and teleducation gain immensely from this advanced technology.

The problem of overlooked hours or days dropped is mixed with this mode of commuting. In addition , student effort is increased, in a way that videoconferencing encourages involvement and a far more active engagement in the learning environment. College students will take advantage of an exceptional and dynamic learning experience. Institiutions will be able to pull in more guest speakers and real-world authorities without the expense of time and travel. In structure schools, college students can get in touch with project benefactors or collaborate with other colleges to prepare to get national tournaments for example. Breastfeeding students can dial in real hostipal wards to train with doctors, and be in the field devoid of leaving the classroom.

On the other hand, videoconferencing is definitely disadvantageous pertaining to few industries. For instance, with videoconferencing being on the increase, business travel is lowering, so the airline industry is losing for that reason mode of telecommuting. If perhaps this pattern continues, organization travel is going to disappear.


Virtual communications offer a environmentally friendly competitive advantage for many sectors. The issue over if virtual communication is a viable replacement for face-to-face conversation is ongoing. There is no doubt that videoconferencing gives a new that means to the notion of globalization as well as the world like a planetary town, but one might as well consider its cost, stability, availability and quality ahead of acquiring it.


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