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Ontario Teacher’s Pension Strategy Board: Hedge Foreign Currency Coverage Ontario Teacher’s Pension Plan Board: Hedging Foreign Currency Direct exposure Issue Id The Ontario Teacher’s Pension check Plan (OTPP) is a identified contribution prepare that was developed in 1917 to provide and administer a pension cover Ontario school teachers. Sponsored by the Ontario Authorities and the Ontario Teacher’s Federation, the plan at present supports 343, 000 instructors, former educators and pensioners.

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The latest government decision to eliminate the 30% constraint on overseas investments plus the increased volatility in the marketplace has caused the OTPP Investment Committee to address the subsequent: 1 . Whether to continue the International Value Swap Software 2 . If to administer becomes the Foreign Exchange Hedging Policy Goals and Objectives In order to come to a decision, it is crucial that any solution put forth must align with all the goals and objectives in the fund. OTPP is a long term fund established to minimize risk, costs and the additional advantages required to pay for the plan when maximizing its returns.

OTPP Investment Strategy In the early on 1990’s the OTPP table realized that it had been essential to get started investing abroad to mix up risk and to capitalize about international opportunities to achieve better returns, presented the size of the fund. Nevertheless , it was not really until mil novecentos e noventa e seis that the Forex trading Hedge Program (FX Hedge Program) was implemented reacting to a significant rise in currency exposure. Because the finance faced improved foreign currency risk, risk management became essential and therefore, a hedge policy of 50% of its foreign currency exposure was introduced.

Due to the fact that OTPP has a continual dedication in helping its pensioners, it must reveal itself to limited risk and properly hedge against any sudden changes in their investments. Therefore, a old-fashioned policy of hedging 50% of forex trading exposure was enforced. Additionally , the Foreign Equity Exchange Program (IE Swap Program) was implemented as a way to the government constraint of 30% ownership of foreign assets. Since most assets had been tied up in non-marketable Ontario Debentures, a swap system enabled OTPP to reallocate its possessions. OTPP Performance Evaluation The strategic decision to diversify beyond Canada and in to global markets has proved to be beneficial to the OTPP investment profile.

It has added substantial worth to the account over the ten-year period (1995-2005) by reducing potential deficits, since five of the 6 foreign currencies appreciated against the Canadian dollar. For the past 15 years, OTPP investments have also consistently outperformed the benchmark level of returns, generating a 10-year typical rate of return of 11. 4% and a gross returning of $15. billion more than benchmark comes back.

Despite the portfolio’s negative price of returns in 2001-2002, it has still produced substantial investment development in relation to the benchmark, demonstrating the strength of OTPP’s investment policies in risikomanagement. However , since interest rates possess declined simply by approximately 3% (1990-2004), the significance of the pension fund has grown. This has ended in larger amount of repayments made to seniors.

Additionally , the demographics in the OTPP program membership have changed drastically over the past 30 years. The ratio of energetic members every retiree provides decreased by 10: one particular in the 1970s to the current ratio of just one. 6: 1 . Moreover, the expected years retirees rely on the pension check have also improved to 30 years. All these factors include exerted quite a lot of pressure on the pension plan to sustain the funding with contributions via fewer operating teachers.

Together with the foreign currency market being increasingly volatile, OTPP is concerned regarding its future capacity to support pension check payments. Decision Criteria The Investment Panel must consider the following criteria when selecting whether to implement changes to the Intercontinental Equity Change Program and Foreign Exchange Hedge Policy: the fund’s experience of foreign exchange risk, transaction costs, and an alignment of goals and objectives of the fund. Option: Although OTPP has performed well in the past, the future outlook of the monthly pension plan remains uncertain.

Therefore , OTPP offers four alternatives to the long term direction of the fund. OTPP can continue or cease the FOR INSTANCE Swap Program and maintain or perhaps revise the current 50% FX Hedge Plan. Continue/Discontinue the Swap System Previously, the swap software was used as a way to bypass the government constraint on international investment.

With the regulation becoming lifted, OTPP has to now evaluate if the swap software remains important. The program has allowed OTPP to reallocate their assets cost-effectively mainly because it eliminates OTPP’s cost of transacting directly in foreign exchange marketplace. Moreover, seeing that OTPP will not gain title of the securities, it has lowered the amount of cash required and limited it is risk by simply transferring the chance to counter-parties (UBS, Credit rating Suisse, JP Morgan, etc . ).

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