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Ontological Existence and Process of the Living Lord Jesus within and Through the Christian.

Christianity’s genuine meaning is described as a great ontological rather than epistemological. The phrase “ontology” is deduced from two Greek phrases: ontos symbols of ‘being” and logos symbols of “study” and illustrating ‘study of the logical consideration of. ” Ontology is defined as the philosophical research of being. It will require into account the full subject of existence and being. Most particularly, our company is applying ‘ontology’ as explaining the heavenly being of God, the creator, along with his personal romantic relationship to His own made beings. God’s personal being, the I AM (Exod. 3: 14), as well as the relationship He offers with individuals ought to be ontologically instead of epistemologically thought about (Fowler, p1).

He came into the earth as a gentleman with the aim of taking away mans sin, to vicariously endure the consequences of sins of man, to reinstate humankind with His heavenly life, the reinstatement of functional humanity through the ontological existence of Christ’s heart in male’s spirit. This is the grace feature of Christianity in which the far-reaching uniqueness of the heavenly action (deliverance, sanctification, validation, etc . ) can be necessarily acquired out of, and is an important expression of, the heavenly Being of Christ (Fowler, p1).

Harmartiology – The facts?

Harmartiology comes from the Ancient greek phrase harmatos signifying bad thing. Hence, harmartiology is the research of sin. From a biblical point-of-view, the study requires the manner whereby sin found myself in the world, just how sin influences the world at present, the answer to issue of sin among humanity, sin’s judgment, plus the eradication of sin towards the end of time (Harmartiology, p1).

Before looking into the several aspects of bad thing, Harmatiology 1st offers a biblical description of sin. Sin refers to the “missing mark” from the righteousness of God, through deviance of laws or perhaps opposition against His reign. According to the Holy bible, we have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God (Romans 3: 3, as cited in Harmartiology, p1). Whereas some individuals in fact sin a lot more than others, “there is no a single righteous, not really one” (Romans 3: 10 NIV, as cited in Harmartiology, p1). Jesus trained His followers that “You have heard that it was said to those of old, ‘You shall not murder; and whomever murders will probably be liable to common sense. ‘ Yet I say to you that everybody who is angry with his brother

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