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John: Work Lola Work directed by simply Tom Tykwer, is carry on your workout, fast paced action film with implications regarding fate, like, chance, time, choice, and consequence. Not a second from this movie is definitely boring, as it is as high paced because the title indicates, whilst getting both physically and mentally straining. At the beginning of Run Lola Run, two quotes are shown; one particular about time plus the other is actually a philosophical statement about what a casino game is. These two statements seen together develops an idea and an important idea of the movie that life is like a game.

Tykwer conveys this concept in the film through the themes of love, time and chance. Run Lola manage is different to ordinary films, it is not a thing you would see in the concert halls it is exclusive, unusual and incorporates animation creating the feeling that a lot more a game.

The water tower authored by Gary Staff and illustrated by Steven Woolman is also not your typical kids book; there are some things unusual and unique concerning this text because of page design switching by portrait to landscape conveying disorientation inside the text and also through it is sense of mystery as well as the unknown although also being forced to draw to yours conclusion for the story creating engagement with the reader as well leaving them wanting even more.

These two texts show distinctively image techniques to represent distinctive encounters.

Henry: Tykwer explores the idea that like has an mind-boggling ability to influence our choices. This encounter exhibits just how relationships shape meaning and is also revealed through the distinctively visible use of the symbolic design of the colour red. Red has many connotations and symbolism to that such as; danger, warning, interest, and appreciate. It is noticed throughout the film as it is the colour of the phone in Lola’s house, the color of the mobile phone booth manni uses, the ambulance, the bag the cash is in, the red clean screen during Lola and Manni’s fatality reflections as well as Lola’s bold red coloured hair that streams at the rear of her creatively representing her as electrical power, charisma and purpose although being a continuous reminder of her passion and take pleasure in for manni, and also demonstrating the danger the lady puts himself in in order to keep her loved one in her life.

Whatever red within the film becomes the prominent image due to its deliberate glowing red shade which attracts our attention and turns into the initially subject which a viewer recognizes when looking at a picture, this profits our focus and the subject is then linked to the connotations regarding the colour crimson for example a red mat could mean danger since it crashes throughout the glass inside the film and carries unwell people, or perhaps the red telephone which is Lola’s source of poor information from Manni. Conditions split display screen within the film visually connects Lola and manni by placing the two side by side; reinforcing that these two are a pair emotionally and physically. This split display screen reveals how reliant they may be on each various other as manni needs Lola to save him and Lola cannot picture life devoid of manni. A medium taken is used below revealing an exhausted Lola desperately pleading and asking manni to hold back for her. Lola and manni need each other and should end up being next to one another it doesn’t seem sensible for them to be apart.

In saying this all, Lola’s selections are influenced by her love and devotion to manni and these exclusively visual techniques highlight this experience investigated by Tykwer through the two’s shared desperation. What are your thoughts john? John: Yes Henry, I can see how Tykwer features explored this kind of, but I’m also able to recognise how Steven Woolman the illustrator of the Normal water Tower in addition has used similar distinctively visual techniques. Inside the water structure, the use of a design is also present as it is in Run Lola Run, this motif is an unknown symbol almost looking like an eye itself which gives the impression this town and the people in it are being observed while likewise insinuating that an alien-like presence is hiding in this small country city. This motif is seen on every page with the text and it is even designed into some of the picture book’s layout.

The symbol is on the town’s people’s hats, the town’s machinery and household products such as drinking water tanks; the symbol with the towns peoples’ eyes and printed on their hands appointing that these tagged town’s individuals are also aliens while a similar symbol is definitely on the water tower itself. The leading page in the water tower system is very effective, Woolman is using the colour green to emphasise the alien presence and perception of secret. On the the front cover, the water tower may be the salient photo which quickly gives the book a central figure and demands eyes from the audience and focuses attention. The use of framing that Woolman has incorporated for the front cover adds to the strange effect this individual has created through this text, the green normal water ripples will be framing the tower resembling signals being sent coming from a UFO and provides an impressive sense of importance towards the water tower offerring it is the source or base of this strange presence.

These water waves can also be interpreted on quite a few pages the book symbolising as harvest circles, again creating the presentiment of an strange presence. Henry: Yes it quite clever john. Very well I can notice that Tykwer provides explored the experience that time can be monsterous and may consume you due to Manage Lola Manage presenting a life-threatening circumstance with 3 alternate feasible endings as to how Lola tries to deal with the crisis in 20 minutes. Tykwer has looked into this connection with time being monsterous and fearful in the opening scene of the swinging pendulum of a cheap grandfather clock, which appears to be almost taunting us because an audience. A detailed up shot has been applied here to immediately spotlight the essential importance of time in this film while foreshadowing the power and dominance that point has. Requirements effect of a clock ticking loudly can be intimidating and creates a sense of pressure or tenseness in such a tone that it is distressing or growing a sense of fear at the audience foreshadowing that what is to come in advance is to be feared. At the end of the opening picture we get consumed by the time clock, this action of entering the gruesome, remarkable clock, signifies that the audience can be entering a spot where period is recognized differently than by what we normally experience.

Ruben: Henry, images feature various distinctively visual techniques that allow the tale to be immersive as well as being taught through the distinctly visual photographs and images and also the text. Woolman has illustrated the front cover in such a way that this particular tower is usually viewed by a low angle shot as though it had been colored from lower down the hillside from the structure reinforcing the metaphor inside the written text established through the verb phrase “casting an extended, dark darkness across the area, across Preston itself.  This usage of a metaphor establishes a suspenseful strengthen, which is backed through the distinctively visual pictures and visual text. This low angle shot also constructs a notion of electric power and dominance of the tower system as it is looked at from a low point as it sits for the hill bigger up seeking more prominent, intimidating associated with high control. This makes us as you engaged in the two written and visual text message as much as one other while likewise again featuring the importance with the water structure due to its dominance over the town of Preston.

Henry: Woolman is very imaginative indeed steve and the normal water tower is unquestionably full of successful distinctively visual techniques! Speaking of which, Tykwer explores the idea that, anytime, our final results are affected by what may well appear insignificant and opportunity encounters may have a impact about our living through the framework of the film being segregated into three narratives or perhaps in other words 3 chances in order to save the love of her existence and restarting the game when she won’t like the ending. Tykwer’s use of a visual metaphor of the glass symbolically smashing, represents that the actions the particular one makes regardless if its a tiny action, can shatter the individual’s your life or the others that are around them which can be consequential towards the specific. The assemblage of even now Polaroid pictures creates a realisation of the response to outcomes as a result of different runs into with probability.

Lola’s options influenced the final results of the lives of people within these Polaroid images, different decisions created different effects. Lola unconsciously caused the automobile accident most due to her choices, timing and opportunity with substantially different results in each of the narratives or ‘games’ she takes on and this boosts a concept it’s far not just exactly what a university difference every day makes but what a difference a few moments make to everyone’s existence John: Very well henry, I believe we both definitely agree that both these text messaging are distinctively visual and incorporate various affluent visual techniques and elements that portray unique experiences and encounters that engage a group and pull them in the text. Tykwer and Woolman have done this exceptionally and have brought regarding our thoughts of the distinctly visual thought and strategy.


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