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oppression the movie The Matrix is a theme of consciousness. In the movie’s most remarkable plot twist it turns out that Neo, the movie’s protagonist, has not been living inside the real life, but a computer-programmed simulation of one. He has been saved in this state so that artificially intelligent devices may harness his heat for energy (and, of course , we since viewers hang our opinion regarding this kind of conceit although it completely ignores the regulations of thermodynamics and the conservation of energy). In clearing himself through the matrix, yet , Neo-had to make a choice to totally free himself, to become his individual person. In this way, he appears like the sort of man that Freire explains in his Pedagogy of the Oppressed:

The truth is, however , that the oppressed are not “marginals, ” are not men living “outside” culture. They have always been “inside” – inside the framework which manufactured them “beings for others. ” The solution is definitely not to “integrate” them in to the structure of oppression, but form that structure in order to become “beings for themselves. inches Such alteration, of course , could undermine the oppressors’ functions; hence their utilization of the concept of education in order to avoid the danger of scholar conscientizacao.


Like Freire’s oppressed guy, Neo-has been inside the system his whole life, but through Morpheus’ teaching his awareness is changed such that he is able to become his own gentleman, his very own person. In assuming his own person nature and existing beyond the system, Neo-literally exits the Matrix and is also suddenly able to realize his own personality and thus effectively modify his awareness.

Similarly, the idea of ideology turns into very important inside the film as well, because the basic ideology amongst most individuals, which is spread by the Matrix, turns out to be significantly different than you see, the state of affairs. Certainly, in the manifestation of this illusory ideology, The Matrix reflects the ideas of Baudrillard:

Either we think of technology as the exterminator of Being, the management of the top secret, of attraction and looks, or we all imagine that technology, by way of a great ironic reversibility, might be an immense detour toward the radical illusion of the world.


Here all of us, see that in the wonderful world of The Matrix, technology gives an ideology that is as illusory as any that Baudrillard could envision. Here, the movie asserts an even more empirical evidence of this sort of false impression, while Baudrillard’s analysis is probably more internal, but this

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