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The importance of efficiency citizenship actions has been under estimated for a long time, till in the 1950’s Katz (1964) recognised not only it performs a fundamental function in the creation of organisations, it also enable these to work effectively. Organisational citizenship behaviour, also referred to as OCB, was defined as ‘individual behaviour that may be discretionary, indirectly or clearly recognized by the formal praise system, and the aggregate helps bring about the efficient and effective functioning with the organization (Organ, D. W., 1988, s. 4). This kind of essay will certainly investigate 4 factorsthat cause certain employees to engage in OCBs a lot more than other personnel: personality, business culture, determination and management style.


Considering that OCB can be classified being a prosocial action, one of the reasons behind OCBcould become a prosocial individuality orientation that encourages visitors to help the members of an organisation without anticipating anything in exchange. Individuals that get into this category ordinarily have a prosocial personality that tends tooutweigh theirother nature. (Penner, M. A. ainsi que al., 1997)

As Podsakoff et al. (2000) mentioned, those who have a prosocial personality are very prone to help additional without being asked to do so by their managers. But you may be wondering what distinguishes a great employee’s devotion from that of somebody who assists others, though they don’t belong to a similar group or perhaps organisation?

Hope for00 this question is given by Organ ou al. (2006), who noticed that group cohesiveness was found being significantly and positively relevant to altruism, good manners, conscientiousness, sportsmanship and social virtue, whereas perceived efficiency support was found to become significantly relevant to employee devotion, which has a great effect on the complete work environment as well as the business.

Corporate and business culture and employee determination

Business culture consists of a set of values, rituals, philosophy and many other components, depending on the solitary business, which can be usually fixed when a business set up and tend to modify with the passage of time. OCB can certainly be accustomed to develop a healthy business tradition that stimulates and promotes prosocial actions among staff. However , it truly is up to the management to set numerous principles, ideals and rules onto that this organisation will be based and to which its people will send. Therefore , command is one of the key forces that shape and determine business culture.

OCB may possibly serve different needs or motives for different individuals, the measurement of theses purposes allows for a much better understanding of OCB and how it will affect an enterprise. (Penner, M. A. ain al., 1997). Motivation is a factor that, similarly to OCB, can bring about improving a business’ production as well as worker satisfaction and therefore positively impact any work environment. Therefore , it is very important that management should be acquainted with these basic, yet primary concepts, to be able to motivate and stimulate employees, whilst maximising the company profitability.

This way, personnel would learn more quickly, their training will take a fraction of the time and the business would spend less.

Leadership designs

Early on research implies that employeeOCB is definitely influenced by simply two key factors. (Bateman, T. S., Organ, D. W., 1983, O’Reilly, C., Chatman, J. 1986, Cruz, C. A. et ‘s., 1983)

One of these is definitely leader’ssupportiveness (Organ and Jones, 1995), designed as the way in which a leader communicates and facilitates their subordinates. There can be found several management styles, which can be divided into two main types, each which has certain features, advantages and disadvantages.

The first category is “autocratic leadership”. An autocratic leader tells staff what to do plus they won’t encourage employees to generate their own decisions. Under these types of circumstances, staff usually only take orders through the leader and avoid doing items, unless the best choice has particularly asked them to, which is why this type of leadership simply cannot possibly promote OCB.

The second category is”democratic leadership”, which involves even more consultation. A democratic leaderlistens to their subordinates and talks about the options with them, that makes themfeel section of the business. This kind of leadership marketed OCB, byencouraging employees to assist each other and do more without having to be ordered to accomplish this, which absolutely benefits both business plus the employees.


From your sources analysed, it come about thatOCB can be discovered and affects by various factors. Of these factors, I believe that”leadership style” is the structure affects OCB the most, since both organization culture and motivation will be linked to that. In fact , an excellent leadership design could help the business develop a positive culture and motivate subordinates as well. Furthermore, unlike persona, which cannot be created or changed, a business’ management style could be controlled and modified, if need be.

There are probably elements that impact OCB and, even though they may have not yet been found out, further research on the matter will certainly support identify them.

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