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Research from Dissertation:

Business Behavior

Marketing Strategies for ODI Lens


Focus on Customers and Market Segmentation

Major Focus on Groups

Costs Strategies for ODI Lens

Expose at the minimum feasible price

Effective the potential maqui berry farmers

Selling and Promotional Techniques for ODI Zoom lens

Promotional means

Forecasting Device of Revenue for the Next 3 years

Optical Distortion Inc. is actually a small scale business corporation that manufactures contact lenses for birds to damage their eyesight. The lenses made by ODI are used by chicken breast farmers in order to reduce rooster cannibalization and trauma which in turn occurs after debarking process. It also improves the feeding efficiency of the chicken farmville farm. Optical Distortion Inc. has taken revolutionary difference in the poultry farm management by replacing the traditional methods of lowering cannibalization with the usage of ODI lenses.

ODI lens can be described as thin plastic-type or goblet lens that is certainly placed on the Cornea of your chicken’s vision and restricts their eye-sight. It is a confirmed technique of obtaining the maximum result and lowering the costs to their minimum level (Optical Distortion 2012). This paper gives a set of marketing plans which ODI can use to market and industry its merchandise in the best and efficient way. The paper addresses market segmentation, pricing and promotion tactics, and predicting for the unit of sales in the next 3 years period for ODI improved lenses. The figures used in the forecasting will be completely based on assumptions.


The prospective customers for ODI contact lens is all the chicken farmers that are using the services of more than 15, 000 chickens. Most of the farmers who happen to be operating with less than twelve, 000 birds always face financial difficulties due to heavy business costs. Therefore , difficulties group of focus on customers would be the farmers that operate with flock sizes of 12, 000 and want to manage all their business costs with innovative techniques and products. ODI lens have shown remarkable achievement since its launch in the industry (Optical Distortion 2012).

Major Target Groups:

The prospective market can be segmented into two significant groups; method scale and enormous scale. The chicken maqui berry farmers that have flocks of 12, 000 to 50, 1000 chickens come under medium scale group while those who run with more than 95, 000 chickens are from large scale group. The method scale group is expertly operated business that can have severe financial difficulty if mortality and fatal diseases hit their chickens. On the other hand, large scale group can support it is business by purchasing the execution of technology in its techniques. On the basis of this kind of analysis, both of the organizations can be a potential target market intended for ODI lens (Beauchamp 1983).


Bring in at the minimum possible price:

ODI will not only have to convince the farmers to acquire its improved lenses, but as well ensure that they are satisfied with their purchase decision. For this, it may charge a good price which usually not only addresses its making and marketing expenses, but also give an attractive revenue. ODI lens are not getting sold to a huge target customer segment; excellent limited require due to lack of its awareness among rooster farmers in numerous regions. To penetrate the industry successfully and earn very good returns to get the business, ODI should sell off its item at minimum possible selling price which may not give a excessive return in its assets, but can attract a better market part to buy that. After it

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