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Efficiency Culture

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Company Culture, Company Design, Respect, Information Peace of mind

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These codes of ethics play an important role in just about any industry.

From this particular pharmaceutical company, in case the art, copy, medical and the high quality assurance office will within the mind regarding these codes of ethics

It has to be taken into account that a business is always pursuing for just one way, for one common goal, hence everybody must also be working on that common direction. It is important that every staff understand that just before each makes his/her individual initiatives it is better to know the company first since there are times that some they just do not understand fully the main objective of the company thereby producing jump in to conclusions compromising the ultimate target of the company.

Like for example in the University of Western Australia (Robson 1005), their instructing on company management is targeted on main key principles: (1) Equity and Justice (2) respect for People and (3) Personal and professional responsibility. These kinds of set of ideals and code of ethics followed a global standards and expected for both the staff and students to adhere to.

Evidently, you can actually problem relating to workflow between the product division’s art, copy and medical department vs . The Quality Peace of mind Department and BFAD can be easily fixed if the staff will adhere to the Code of ethics.

First, this kind of problem might have been solved very easily through bargain from both sides. Like for example, the merchandise division can then always be asked to check and ensure the quality of the artworks prior to mailing the record to QAD. In this regard, QAD’s job is merely to re-check and ensure in the event the BFAD guidelines were used. Likewise, QAD could be asked to revise the corporate rules on presentation artworks and align that with the BFAD guidelines so that it will not come out the corporate recommendations are much stricter than the BFAD guidelines.

Certainly, this kind of moral corporate concerns can be handled through right communications and deeper comprehension of the corporate rules of ethics. Hence, it is usually advised that companies would encourage wide open communication in the employees of whatever division or departments.


Robson, Allan. Code of Ethicss Code of Conduct. Vice-Chancellor, University of Western Australia. September 2006.

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