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Othman, Sipon, Zulkiple and Jusoff (2013) mentioned that four significant debt effects which generated miserable lifestyle and full of financial pressure are loss of freedom, lack of cash flow, loss in time and lack of opportunities. These four results could lead to excessive amount of stress. Debt causes lack of freedom as it limits choices, and constricts one’s ability to accumulate wealth and policy for the future. Besides, it also triggers loss of earnings because people have an requirement to spend their debts to the receivables.

So , their cash happen to be decreasing from day to day. Besides, debts has increased homes purchasing electrical power. This has generated an increase in require, especially in the property sector. Consequently , the demand for residential property as well increased which in turn resulted in an amount hike. (Zakaria, Kader, Jaafar & Marican, 2012). Even more financing is necessary for homeowners to purchase homes. As a consequence of that, Zakaria, Kader, Jaafar and Marican (2012) acknowledge that households have utilized the economic state by maximizing the use of credit.

Although, banks get their way on how to take full advantage of their revenue. This has resulted in the current situation of huge household debt. This kind of phenomenon must not exist indebted management of Islamic point of view. Moreover, money owed also can cause bankruptcy. Individual bankruptcy is basically the official way of saying that a person can no longer pay back his bills in his current situation. So , it will influence negatively to the individual profession, future monetary planning and family members. Besides, Othman, Sipon, Zulkiple and Jusoff (2013) stated individuals will snare themselves together with the clause below Bankruptcy Work 1967. The bankruptcy actions could be started against those owing just RM30, 500 to any loan company. Thus, this kind of financial burden indirectly causes financial stress not only to those individuals involved but to the other family members as well. Individual will probably be blacklisted by CTOS (Convergent Technologies Operating System) after they have reported bankrupt. Whenever they need to apply any bank loan for their basic necessities such as applying your house loan or possibly a car loan, their application will probably be declined because of the financial anxiety that they being facing. As a result, this triggered disastrous results on the contemporary society in short and also to the overall monetary cycle in a long run. A person is forced to continue to work hard in order to pay back his bills and stay in a financial constraint in fulfilling other fundamental needs considering that the limited capability behold him from spending even to other most crucial necessities. Clearly this is against the objectives of the Syariah. Islamic traditions point to the fact that indebtedness may well not only impact the conditions of the Muslim’s life in various elements, but likewise give impacts over the eschatological world as well. (Bensaid, Grine, Nor & Yusoff, 2013). In other words, the individual who is delinquent will be inhibited on the Day of Judgement. Prophet Muhammad is reported to refrained from performing a funeral prayer on a passed away debt. Telepathist Muhammad might ask his companions perhaps the indebted deceased had nearly anything with which to repay his personal debt. If he previously nothing, he would say, Hope on your man (yourselves). In another narration within the authority of Jabir, the Prophet was asked, Would you like to pray about him? ‘ He got a few steps and after that said, Has he virtually any debts? ‘ We responded, He provides a debt of two dinars. ‘ Upon hearing that, the Telepathist went away. His companion Abu Qatadah then simply took fee of the personal debt. We thereafter went to the Prophet and Abu Qatadah told him, I would pay the two dinars. ‘ The Prophet then said, The creditor’s correct is guaranteed and the departed is free of debt? ‘ He explained, Yes. ‘ The Telepathist then prayed on him. According to Sipon, Othman, Ghani and Radzi (2013), debt is among the main causes of poverty and it has slow up the economic development of indebted countries and has prevented these people from buying essential services such as health-related, education and others. When an individual need to pay a lot of debts and he or she cannot afford that. That means she or he is in the express of poverty. In certain circumstances, marital challenges also occurred because of credit card debt. It is because of the increasing levels of conflicts, stress, and marital pressure, which minimize the level of happiness. Hence, divorce is most likely to happen in the case of this issue. Islam attempts heavy debts as much as possible. It truly is considered to include a serious and direct effect on a Muslim’s faith or belief for doing it can lead to dangerous consequences. There is certainly positive correlation of home debt and health final results. (Adamu, Rahim & Hamed, 2017). Anxiousness, mental health and depression can be happening to the people indebted folks. It is authentic that money cannot get happiness. In addition, it will generate more financial debt if kinds cannot control their money sensibly. Othman, Sipon, Zulkiple and Jusoff (2013) claimed several of debt-ridden lifestyle activities are over spending, overloaded with many loans. They likewise have no organizing in financial spending and never bother to get to know for what reason we need cash strategy in life. In Islam, it really is forbidden for us to practice this lifestyle because it leads all of us many negative effects. As a result, we will face economical stress individual bankruptcy such as overburden with the loan payment, simply no financial portion for different important requires of lifestyle and it also is going to impact toward family issue. From the Islamic point of view, accruing debt can be described as serious subject and it should not always be undertaken apart from in cases of important and essential necessity. In Islam, luxurious and extravagance is really contradicting to primary Islamic values that condemn excess and waste. The best way to avoid unnecessary borrowing and indebtedness is always to live a moderate life-style, and integrity constitutes good behaviour in every area of your life. (Adamu, Rahim & Hamed, 2017). Muslim can live a average life simply by avoiding expensive lifestyle, as Allah commanded the loyal to avoid becoming extravagant or perhaps misers in your daily course, as in the verse under: And those, who have, when they spend, are neither extravagant nor niggardly, although hold a medium approach between individuals extremes. (Qur’an: Furqan twenty-five: 67). Imam Al-Tirmidhi narrated hadith which will states the Prophet Muhammad also equated the freedom from debt with the entrance to paradise, proclaiming: Whoever drops dead free of three things which are arrogance, robbery, and debts. Then, he can enter Haven. In another hadith narrated by Imam Muslim the Telepathist Muhammad stated: Allah forgives the martyr everything apart from debt. It really is clearly viewed that financial debt is a critical matter in our life because it will affect our life inside the hereafter. The value of deciding debts is definitely further repeated in the next hadith narrated by Vorbeter Ahmad: In whose palm Muhammad lies, if a man is definitely killed in the cause of Kristus, then lives, then dead in the reason for Allah, after that lives, and he contains a debt, he will not get into heaven until the debt is usually settled.


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